Living Well

The science of human heaalth and disease

Students get inspired to learn the science of waves through real JASON STEM role models like Janet Buhlmann, PhD., who seeks out new therapies for autoimmune diseases at Pfizer.

Explore the wonders of human biology from the building blocks of life to healthy communities

Living Well explores the wonders of biology—from the molecular building blocks of life, to cells, organs and organ systems, to the human body as an interconnected whole, and even the behavior of populations—through the prism of human health and disease.

On this journey, students will meet and emulate engaging STEM career role models working in a range of relevant, impactful healthcare jobs, and they will deeply consider the opportunities and challenges that advances in biology present for themselves and their communities. Along the way, they will build their scientific literacy and practice essential STEM skills, including data analysis, design and engineering, software coding, critical thinking, and effective communication. The foundational lessons of this curriculum will introduce the core building blocks of life: Proteins (Tools of Life), DNA (Code of Life), and Cells (Units of Life).

Mission 1: Molecules to Cells

Like all living things, we are composed of a set of core building blocks: organic macromolecules and cells. In this Mission we will study these fundamental components of life, research and experiment to discover how they work to maintain health, and explore how they contribute to disease.

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