Slooh: Explore Space Using Robotic Telescopes

Students explore space with powerful robotic telescopes, in an interactive online learning environment

Slooh’s mission is to rebuild our collective connection to the night sky by giving educators new ways to incorporate astronomy into the curriculum. Light pollution and the concentration of population in modern cities have blinded us to an important aspect of our environment, one for which our ancestors had far more appreciation. We aspire to reclaim this lost realm and with it our sense of perspective regarding our place in the natural world.

Through our exclusive partnership, Slooh is offering all teachers registered with JASON Learning an opportunity to join for FREE.  This offer is good for 1 year and you will be able to explore space, join a community club, assign homework and lessons to students, and use Slooh’s powerful robotic telescopes to take unique photos of celestial objects.

Students explore space with powerful robotic telescopes, earn badges through our gamified system that rewards them with Gravity Points in our interactive online learning environment, learn through active experiential NGSS-aligned curriculum, and interact through shared community resources.

Target Audience:

Grades 4-12

Examples of Key Vocabulary/Concepts:

Light pollution, life cycle of a star, satellite, Milky Way, lunar features

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