Cerebry: Personalized Math Solutions


Cerebry is a responsive AI-driven math tutor that helps students practice “smart”. Cerebry is designed meticulously to match your school’s specific syllabus with practice-based linear pedagogy, adaptive pedagogy, and student-driven content. With more types of practice questions than any other platform, Cerebry is a top-notch solution to personalized math practice for your students.

Within Cerebry you will find:

  • Questions that are created in real-time in order to create ultra-personalized assignments for each student.
  • Direct practice sessions to quickly identify student weaknesses at a granular level.
  • Strengthening of necessary concepts based on identified weaknesses in real-time.
  • Pairs students up with a more proficient peer where help is needed.
  • Guides teachers on class-wide and individual learning on objective achievements.

Three operation modes of Cerebry:

  • Practice Mode: This mode supports students in solidifying concept understanding via practice, which can be administered as homeowrk or in classroom settings as an autonomous teaching assistant. Student’s progress is recorded linearly based on their mastery level.
  • Assessment Mode: This mode supports the teacher in validating the learning success or helps to deveise review concepts. Students are able to self-assess review needs, with the intent of full-coverage of learning objectives within a set time frame.
  • Exam Mode: This mode intends to serve as a mock exam generator to help students build confidence in exam settings. This mode aims to support students as they develop necessary test-taking techniques and loops students back to practice mode to remedy weakness areas.

Note: The cost for this tile is per student annually.
For school, district, or large group purchases, contact our support team at sales@jason.org.



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