Watch: Closing the K-12 Equity Gap post COVID

3 strategies to level the playing field for all students, regardless of race, access or economics

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What is Covid Slide?

As K-12 school buildings reopen this spring, the events of the last year have forced the gap between the haves and the have-nots wider.

Schools can’t solve this problem alone — and they shouldn’t have to.

These three on-demand webinars highlight practical strategies at play to create equity, right now, in districts across the country. From introducing real-world role-models and custom teacher training, to work with churches and public-private partnerships, creative school leaders are pulling out all the stops to level the playing field for those most affected.

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Give every student that ‘a-ha moment’

How Portsmouth Public Schools uses teacher training and community-based learning to inspire hard-to-reach students & families.

Reverse 8 years of under-performance

The team at Franklin Public Schools uses a focus on math and training for parents to create pathways to advanced learning, ‘at no cost,’ for disadvantaged students.

Train & support your front-line leaders

See how school leaders from Colorado to West Virginia combine professional training with public-private partnerships to build confidence and create opportunity.

Equity a strategic priority for your school district this year?

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