JASON's STEM Role Model Career Pathways

JASON Learning introduces students to careers in STEM in our live role model webcast series. In these live events, students meet scientists, engineers, designers, and other professionals who share their journey to their careers from what sparked their passion, to the courses they studied, the adventures they have been on, and about their day-to-day experiences. Take a journey into JASON’s past live events and explore the different career opportunities there are in STEM fields. All JASON live events are free and open to the public. On-demand video archives of each live event are available for later viewing on JASON’s YouTube channel.

Agriculture, food, and natural resources

Producing and preserving are vital parts of this field. Much of this field focuses on food production. Another major element to this field is the preservation of living life, meaning plant and animal life, and the environment.

Virginia Dale

Environmental Scientist

Lynn Sweet

Plant Ecologist

Denise Akob

Environmental Microbiologist

Architecture and construction

Buildings, bridges, and all other structures are the foundation of this field. The focus of this field is creating and design structures primarily for humans

Sandra Begay-Campbell

Structural Engineer

Irina Dolinskaya

Industrial Engineer

Arts and Digital Media

Designing can in a way be added to most fields, but in this case, designing is the key concept to this field. This field can span from a simple piece of paper to an entire website.

Dan Norton

Video Game Designer

Florencia Bonarto

3D Artista

Eric Cheng

Photographer and Technologist

Business and Administrative

The support system that helps corporations and industries run. This field can include data analysis, communication tasks, and many other office or clerical skills to maintain an organization’s proficiency.

Jamila Cowan-Wideman

Global Employee Engagement Lead

Lindsey Tropf

Video Game Company CEO

Andre Thornton


Education and training

Guiding and advancing people. Those who teach or involved with teaching make up this field.

Marie Trone


Cas Holman

Toy Maker/Professor

Heather Kampf

Professional Runner

Government and Public Administration

This field relates to job work directly for the local, state, or federal government as well as the military.

Keri Bean

Systems Engineer

Kris Ludwig

Staff Scientist

Tracy Drain

Flight Systems Engineer

Health Sciences

Promoting health and wellness is the goal of this field. Much of this field is focused on medical careers.

Lee Selznick


Michelle Ocana


Andi Gobin


Hospitality and Tourism

This field seeks to help people as they participate in activities such as vacationing, going to museums, dining, or attending events.

Roland Kays

Wildlife Biologist

Stephanie Schuttler


Priscilla Miard


Information Technology

As a growing and changing field, the focus is to manage computer hardware and internet information.

Griselda Bonilla


Michelle Dickinson


Marcos Sastre- Cordova

Ocean Engineer


Making products or goods is the function of this field.

Travis McGuire

Robotics Engineer

Matt Brumbelow

Mechanical Engineer

Anna Michel



In this field communications and advertising play a heavy hand. Creating campaigns, advertisements, product labels, etc. are thought up and displayed by this field.

Suzanne Doughty

Social Media Editor

Alison Johnson

Technical Marketing Manager

Beth McCabe

Marketing Technologist

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Anything that moves a product, people, or thing falls under this field.

Ally Cedeno

Ship Navigator

Tony Castilleja Jr.

Mechanical Engineer

Roderick MacLeod

Ship Navigator

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The field of STEM is a very large and diverse field that spans over countless careers and is a key element to almost all other fields. Each Live Event that JASON Learning holds shows off a role model in this field. from researchers, builders, artist, and imaginers this field has them all.

Meredith Evans Seeley

Research Biologist

Molly Curran


Mike Brennen

Archaeologist and Oceanographer

Patricia MacQueen


Couldn't find your dream career? Check out more of JASON's past live events on our YouTube channel for more inspiring STEM role model interviews.

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