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JASON STEM Curriculum - Engaging, Inspiring, Challenging

Improve student outcomes with learning that is hands-on & standards aligned

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Hybrid curricula that inspires students to solve real-world problems.

Real-life role models

With opportunities to meet real-life professional success stories.

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And career pathways to blue-chip regional and national employers.

JASON helps teachers bring STEM to life, so students can explore their future.

Get support for afterschool programs & training for every member of your team

Preparing students for success in college, career, and life should be the mission of every school district and every school — both here in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Rodney WatsonEducator, Spring ISD (Texas)

As a result of our focus on STEM education, our students are constantly aware of how their education relates to the world beyond the classroom.

Dr. Elie BracySuperintendent, Portsmouth Public Schools (Virginia)

Give students the power to solve real-world problems today.

Explore our virtual library of standards-aligned STEM curricula.

Early Childhood STEM Education: Ecology, Physical, & Earth Science

Tectonic Fury: Minerals, Rock Cycle, WED, Tectonic Plates

Infinite Potential: Energy Types, Transfers, & Efficiency

Monster Storms: Weather; Severe Storm Science & Preparation

Terminal Velocity: Measurement, Motion, & Forces

Climate — Seas of Change: Ocean Systems, Climate, Models

Resilient Planet: Ecology, Biodiversity, Invasive Species

ARGO Geometry: Measurement, Perimeter, Area, & Volume

ARGO Algebra: Linear, Quadratic, & Exponential Functions

CTE: HVAC – Keeping You in the Comfort Zone

CTE: Broadband Internet Technology – Internet for All

CTE: Civil Engineering – Designing to Make a Difference

Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM, Round 1

Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM, Round 2

VIMS – Marine Science: Microplastics

NIST Universal Constants: A New Foundation of Measurement

Aldrin Family Foundation: You Are the Next Space Explorers

ISRI Recycling Collection: K-4, 5-8, & 9-12 Activities

Immersion Learning: Ocean-Themed STEAM K-8 Activities

World of Waves: Explore Water, Sound, and Light

Think Digital: Introduction to Cybersecurity

Engineering Workspace: Build Like an Engineer

STEM vs. Disease: Using Science to Diagnose & Treat Cancer

Cutting Edge: Medical, Agricultural, & Pandemic Research

Living Well: Characteristics of Life, Macromolecules, Cells

Answers for Amalie: Childrens’ Questions About The World

Feeling Fear with The Bug Chicks: Social Emotional Learning

Making Waves: Exploring Connections Between STEM and Music

Grab-and-Go Lessons for Remote Learning

Slooh – Explore Space Using Robotic Telescopes

Wetlands: Race to Restore

Innovation Sandbox: Design Thinking Community Challenges

ATHENA: A Place to Share Your Lessons with JASON

CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – SPARK

CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Next Breath: Pathways to a Clearer, Cleaner Future

Molecular Frontier Journal: Molecular Science & Innovation

Migration Miracle

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