Connected Storm Sanctuary Design Thinking Mission

Presented by UScellular™ and JASON Learning

Welcome to the UScellular Connected Storm Sanctuary Design Thinking Mission, brought to you by UScellular and JASON Learning.

In this innovative STEM learning experience, your middle and high school students will imagine and prototype solutions that use mobile technologies to create a better storm sanctuary: a temporary space where families can come together, connect, engage and be safe during, and immediately after, a natural disaster.

Your students will achieve this goal by applying design thinking strategies. This powerful methodology is widely used by start-up companies, academics, government agencies and many more who seek to create solution for the future rather than focusing on solving problems that have occurred in the past. Its emphasis is to achieve the best possible outcome for the end user, who could be a person, an organization, or even your whole community.

It draws on logic, imagination, and intuition, as well as knowledge and reasoning, to explore, design and test possible solutions.

Throughout this learning experience, your students will:

  • Acquire deep, practical understanding of how mobile technologies and networks work, and how they can be disrupted by natural disasters
  • Gain insights into the needs of their community during and following a natural disaster, and what resources are, or should be, available
  • Build and apply foundational and advanced STEM knowledge and skills across many disciplines, from earth science to physics to computer science and engineering
  • Building important career skills, such as problem-solving and design thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and communication
  • Grow in confidence, think creatively and engage deeply with their community and possible careers
  • Translate their new-found strengths into innovation, local impacts, and possibly even jobs

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