JASON's Argonaut Program

Life-Changing STEM Experiences with JASON's Role Models

2023 Argonaut Applications now open!

Pre-applications due March 5, 2023.

Final applications due March 13, 2023.

JASON Learning will officially conduct three expeditions in 2023, and the pre-application form is open!

Wild Science: Adventures in the Jungle with The Bug Chicks

Costa Rica

June 22 – 29, 2023

Climate Change: Seas to Trees

Acadia National Park, Maine

July 7 – 13, 2023

Design Thinking, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship

Houston, Texas

July 24 – 29, 2023

This pre-application is for ALL of the JASON Learning Argonaut Expeditions – not one specific one. Pre-application at the link below needs to be completed by March 5, 2023.

Fill out the pre-application here!

You must be from an existing JASON Learning partner district that has subscribed to the Argonaut Program in order to apply. The Argonaut Program is for teachers and middle and high-school-age students. Students must be 13-17 years old at the time of the expedition. (NOTE: If you will be 18 and a rising senior for Fall 2023, you will still be eligible.) JASON will match the future Argonaut based on the most suitable expedition.


Email argo@jason.org with any questions, and best of luck!

JASON's Argonaut Program

Do you have what it takes to be a JASON Argonaut? This is one of the most sought after opportunities in the world of STEM education, only available to a select number of students and teachers from our Argonaut partner school districts.

The Argonaut team—named after the band of explorers in Greek mythology who accompanied the hero Jason in his quest to find the Golden Fleece—works directly with JASON scientists, engineers, and other inspiring STEM role models, assisting them on field expeditions, joining them in their lab or office, or being mentored by them remotely.

In doing so, JASON Argonauts experience authentic, real-world STEM in action, and share their understanding and excitement with their peers in school and throughout their community.

Argonauts document and share their expedition experiences with their communities back home and others throughout the world through photos, videos, presentations, and events. Expeditions are shared via social media and the JASON website, generating awareness and excitement about their adventures.

Who Should Apply?


  • Will be between 13-17 years old on March 1, 2022
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and ability in science
  • Possess excellent leadership and teamwork skills
  • Are self-motivated, creative, and adventurous
  • Possess (or are willing to learn!) excellent communication skills
  • Exhibit an eagerness to participate in field activities which may be outdoors and/or strenuous in nature
  • Have ideally used JASON in an educational setting
  • Are enrolled in one of JASON’s Argonaut partner school districts

Note: For students with special needs, accommodations may be made consistent with the student’s’ IEP


  • Demonstrate outstanding performance in working with students
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and ability in science
  • Possess excellent leadership and teamwork skills
  • Are self-motivated, creative, and adventurous
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Exhibit an eagerness to participate in field activities which may be outdoors and/or strenuous in nature
  • Have five or more years of experience working with students
  • Have ideally used JASON Learning in an educational setting
  • Are employed by one of JASON’s Argonaut partner school districts

JASON's 2021-22 Argonaut Expeditions

Design Thinking, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

October 2021 Remote Bootcamp

Argonauts will work remotely with JASON staff and STEM mentors over four sessions beginning in mid-October to learn and practice the process of Design Thinking:

●  How to empathize with end users of a product or service
●  Define the problem to be solved
●  Generate innovative ideas
●  Build prototypes
●  Test solutions
●  Iterate and improve

While doing so, Argonauts will also practice “thinking like an entrepreneur” so they’ll understand how innovations survive and endure in real-world markets.

September 2022 Boston, MA Expedition

The team of Argonauts that participated in the remote fall program will travel in September 2022 to Boston, MA, one of the nation’s leading centers of technology, design, and innovation. There, they will see how STEM professionals in cutting-edge industries use Design Thinking and entrepreneurial thinking concepts every day to solve real-world problems and create the next big thing. Their three-day itinerary will include visits to world-renowned research institutes, multinational biotech manufacturers, and scrappy startups.

In addition, while in Boston, Argonauts will have an opportunity to present and pitch their own products, services, and business models to mentors who will provide feedback and advice. 

Meet the 2021-22 Argonauts

Tomball, TX

West Warwick, RI

London, OH

Burke, VA

Portsmouth, VA

Tomball, TX

West Warwick, RI

Alexandria, VA

Princeton, WV

London, OH

Spring, TX

Portsmouth, VA

Athens, WV

Spring, TX

Portsmouth, VA

Princeton, WV

Portsmouth, VA

JASON's 2020 Argonaut Expeditions

Sounds of Science:

An Innovative STEM Summer Camp Experience Combining Student-Led Scientific Research & Essential Digital Skills

Summer 2020

Have you ever wondered about the sounds you hear outdoors? Why are they there? What’s making them? Are they reaching their intended audience? Can we capture and even map these sounds? Do human noises impact natural environments? Are these soundscapes changing over time?

Argonauts team up with entomologists Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker of The Bug Chicks on a “Virtual Expedition” to explore our world through sound in our camp program entitled “The Sounds of Science!” Youth work together to examine their local soundscapes, ask questions, design experiments, analyze data, and share results using best-practice science communication techniques as well as technology platforms and tools such as iNaturalist, MIT App Inventor, and Audacity.

The multidisciplinary nature of this project allows JASON to authentically combine and integrate elements of citizen science, design thinking, digital literacy, and innovation skill sets into an exciting, streamlined experience.

Meet the 2020 Argonauts

Aidan Massengill
Skidmore, TX

Breanna Herrick
Wetzel, WV

Kyan Butler
Spring, TX

Mary Le
Spring, TX

Alex Jones
Houston, TX

Brooklyn Brown
Byng, OK

Faith Yoho
Wetzel, WV

Laney Phillips
Franklin, VA

Michael Browning
London, OH

Peter Muhitch

Amy Adkins
Newark, OH

Carolyn Hizer
Wetzel, WV

Grady Lamb
Doddridge, WV

Lucienne Baudry
Butler, OH

Nathaniel Cronin
Revere, OH

Stephanie “Hope” Bradshaw
Rolling Hills, OH

Amy Thomsen
Butler, OH

Carter Lipscomb
Doddridge, WV

Heidi Bee
Doddridge, WV

Madison Myers
London, OH

Nnemdi Amanambu
Revere, OH

Walter Sias
Doddridge, WV

Brandon Lilley
Franklin, VA

Clara Arcand
Smithfield, RI

Jane Ramos
Smithfield, RI

Mary Gerber
Washington, DC

Paul Sarandria
Portsmouth, VA

JASON's 2019 Argonaut Expeditions

Caterpillars & Climate Change, Nevada

Meet the Nevada Team

Forest Owls, Arizona

Meet the Arizona Team

Sea Turtles, Bahamas

Meet the Bahamas Team

Bees and Pollinators, Costa Rica

Meet the Costa Rica Team

Amazon Rainforest, Peru

Meet the Amazon Team

Design Thinking, California

Meet the Design Thinking Team