Using JASON Learning modules during instruction helped to increase students’ capacity to critically think using real-world examples.

-Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Portsmouth Public Schools

Since 1989, JASON Learning has impacted and inspired millions of students and teachers through STEM education and exploration.

There is no other innovative, digital-first library of STEM curriculum and resources in the PreK-12 education market that engages students, teachers, and the community more than JASON. Over the last 30 years, JASON has progressed from satellite broadcasting to an innovative Digital Platform and currently reaches over 5 million students nationwide and engages them in STEM education and exploration. JASON does this through its hundreds of digital resources, experiential activities, and opportunities to solve real-world problems like climate change, broadband Internet access, and microplastic pollution.

Independent evaluation has proven that JASON’s approach significantly improves student participation, interest, and academic achievement, with the largest gains realized in under-represented and underserved student populations (Duke, 2014).


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JASON Learning's Logic Model

This logic model presents a visual representation of what we do at JASON Learning and a road map of how our inputs and resources lead to impactful outcomes.

How Does JASON Increase Engagement in Learning?

  • By enhancing student learning through active student engagement. Students who learn with JASON are learning through activities beyond writing, reading, and listening to immersive activities requiring collaboration and encouraging critical thinking. 
  • Giving every child no matter who they are or what zip code they live in access to STEM. JASON provides quality, integrated STEM education to all students, high-quality professional development training for all teachers, and exposing students to role models like them who have developed successful STEM careers.
  • Creating curricula that align with national and state standards, which helps teachers seamlessly integrate our activities and lessons into the traditional curriculum.
  • Making real-world connections within the material to deepen student learning. Teachers can connect the information within the activities to major concepts and principles of STEM and the arts as well as real-world events and issues. JASON’s lessons and activities are embedded into the traditional course curriculum.
  • Engaging stakeholders to improve student learning outcomes. Community and parent involvement helps schools fulfill their mission to help all students succeed in school, which is why JASON allows schools to share access to JASON with community partners (YMCA, Boys/Girls Club, Boy/Girls Scouts, 4H programs, summer camps, etc.).
  • Implementing experiential learning events to increase student participation. Schools can utilize JASON’s curriculum and resources to solve issues facing their local community, which will help students feel more personally invested in the material.

When compared to their counterparts, the teachers in Portsmouth Public Schools who used JASON Learning with fidelity showed higher academic achievement on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) End of Course exams. 

The teachers’ students performed at the same level as the district, if not higher. This is evident in the scores of one of the middle school teachers, who is a JASON trainer. Her students’ pass rate was 15% higher than the district average.