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Board-Designated Argonaut Endowment Founding Donors

Founding Donors
Board-Designated Argonaut Endowment
April 2022

Thank you to the following donors for initiating the Board-Designated Argonaut Endowment:

  1. Nancy Blechl 
  2. Aimme Meisenzahl Bolash 
  3. Matthew Bourke 
  4. Jenna Davis 
  5. Felix EisenHauer in honor of his son Kai to nurture his and all children’s lifelong curiosity.
  6. Dr. Suzette Garay 
  7. Mary Neel Halenza, Hunter Halenza, and Lone Star Kettle Corn 
  8. Michael Harvey 
  9. Jason Helsdon 
  10. Debra Hill 
  11. Jude Kesl 
  12. Dr. Shannon Kesl 
  13. Donna Krabill 
  14. Linda Livolsi 
  15. Dr. Cathie Lyons & Alice Murphy 
  16. Kristin and Karen Ludwig: In honor of my mom, Karen Ludwig, who took me to my first JSON broadcast in 1989 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science 
  17. Luck Mersh 
  18. Laura Michelle 
  19. Amy Northrup Moas: Happy to give back to a program that changed my life. Thank you JASON.
  20. Carla R. Morgan 
  21. Kelly O’Conner 
  22. Amy O’Neal
  23. Monique Paisley 
  24. Todd Patterson 
  25. Greg Phulman
  26. Cindy Porter
  27. Deborah Ross 
  28. Souad Sadiqui 
  29. Rochelle Sandrin 
  30. William (Billy) Sarkis 
  31. Patrick Schumacher and Lily Pond Soaps 
  32. Dr. Eleanor Smalley 
  33. Sean Smith 
  34. Margie Sparks 
  35. Dr. Anne Tapp 
  36. Kathy Thackham &Winifred Sartoris 
  37. Jennifer Walsh
  38. Dr. Carol Waters 
  39. ZhanTao Yang

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