STEM Certification

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JASON Learning provides exclusive access to the only STEM certification rubric for K-12 school districts in collaboration with AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

The STEM Certification is a prestigious accolade that celebrates school districts dedicated to delivering exceptional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This certification signifies a school district’s unwavering commitment to providing students with cutting-edge learning experiences that equip them with the skills essential for thriving in the 21st century.

The STEM Certification is designed to assist school districts in conducting a thorough self-assessment of their current STEM initiatives, enabling them to pinpoint areas for enhancement. It promotes the integration of crucial STEM components and embraces industry best practices to foster continuous improvement and innovation in STEM education.

STEM Certification made possible by:

Empowering school districts with a roadmap to STEM excellence, the STEM Certification embodies a comprehensive framework encompassing best practices in…

Curriculum & Assessment

Equity & Inclusion

District Leadership

Learning & Teaching

Professional Development

Community Engagement

Cultural Strategies

Career Exploration


A Holistic STEM Education Approach

The program recognizes that STEM education goes beyond subject knowledge. It emphasizes the development of essential habits of mind such as creativity, observation, communication, and persistence. These foundational skills are paramount for K-12 students as they brace for a future defined by continuous innovation and problem-solving.

By embracing this certification, school districts embark on a journey towards fostering innovation, enhancing student engagement, and cultivating a generation of STEM-literate individuals poised for success in an ever-evolving world.


School Districts with Certification

Explore the inspiring stories of school districts that have achieved the STEM Certification. These districts have transformed their educational landscapes, empowered their students, and elevated their communities through a commitment to excellence in STEM education.

Doddridge County Schools
West Virginia
Revere Local Schools
Mercer County Schools
West Virginia
London City School District
Indian Hill School District

What Superintendents are Saying

This is the right work – for our students, for our community, for public education, and for our world. We are excited at this moment in our Brave history, and we continue to look to the future, always pushing ourselves to see how we can continue to evolve our educational practices toward excellence. We hope to never arrive at a final destination for STEM learning, and that is what makes the journey so uniquely Indian Hill.

Kirk KoenneckeSuperintendent, Indian Hill School District

Our district is thrilled to receive the AASA/JASON Learning STEM Certification this year. Building meaningful STEM learning opportunities has been a district priority for the last eight years. This designation validates the hard work of many in our district and the commitment the district has to continue to link meaningful STEM learning experiences with college and careers.

Lou KramerSuperintendent, London City Schools

I am pleased that Mercer County Schools has been recognized as a STEM district by AASA and JASON Learning. Mercer County has always been committed to fostering innovation and offering our students the best possible education. By investing in science, technology, engineering and math instruction, with the guidance and resources from JASON Learning, we are ensuring our students are well prepared to compete in the ever-evolving job market.

Ed TomanSuperintendent, Mercer County Schools

We are very pleased to be the first school system in the nation to receive this certification. Our board of education has been very proactive in providing opportunities in STEAM throughout the district. Every building has a STEAM lab, which provides our students an advantage as they graduate and move on to college or enter the workforce.

Adam CheesemanSuperintendent, Doddridge County Schools

Obtaining the STEM Certification

Ready to embark on your district’s journey towards STEM excellence? School districts can pursue the AASA/JASON STEM Certification using the STEM program rubric developed by JASON Learning. Please fill out this form to express your interest and receive a copy of the rubric. Our dedicated team at JASON is here to support you every step of the way. 

STEM Certification Press Releases

Indian Hill School District Earns Nationally Coveted 2024 AASA/JASON STEM Certification

| Press Release, STEM Certification | No Comments
The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District in Ohio achieved the esteemed AASA/JASON STEM Certification, a significant accomplishment that underscores the district's commitment to excellence in STEM education

London City Schools (OH) Earns the 2023 AASA/JASON STEM Certification

| Press Release, STEM Certification | No Comments
London City Schools' educators, administrators, students, and community members have demonstrated remarkable efforts and commitment, as reflected by their achievement of the prestigious AASA/JASON STEM Certification. Their collective dedication has…

Mercer County Schools Receives the 2023 AASA/JASON STEM Certification

| Press Release, STEM Certification | No Comments
Mercer County Schools (West Virginia) has been honored with the prestigious AASA/JASON STEM Certification for outstanding accomplishments in STEM education. This certification signifies a district's commitment to providing students with…

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