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The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has a three-part mission to conduct research in coastal ocean and estuarine science, educate students and citizens, and provide advisory service to policy makers, industry, and the public. VIMS provides these services to Virginia, the nation, and the world. Chartered in 1940, VIMS is currently among the largest marine research and education centers in the United States.

Our Partnership

JASON Learning and VIMS have partnered to give students compelling information about our diverse waterways and the environmental impact of common but destructive practices with plastics and waste. Your students will learn how we can all work together to better protect our health and aquatic environments with the VIMS – Marine Science: Microplastics Curriculum and the Beyond the Water Bottle: Minimizing Microplastic Pollution Design Thinking Challenge. These resources will educate, motivate, and challenge your students with a focus on personal responsibility as well as an emphasis on Marine Science and the environment.

STEM Role Model

Meredith Evans Seeley is a Ph.D. candidate and Freeman Family Fellow in Marine Plastic Pollution. Meredith came to VIMS with a passion for studying plastics after observing first-hand how pervasive plastic pollution can be traveling in the U.S. and to countries such as India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. She traveled to these places after receiving her Master’s degree in Marine Science from The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, where she studied the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Biology, minor in Spanish language. Meredith is interested in research that helps improve our understanding of, and thus ability to reduce the effects of, pollutants in the marine environment.


You are the next Marine Scientist

Mission – Beyond the Water Bottle: Minimizing Microplastic Pollution

CHALLENGE – Beyond the Water Bottle: Minimizing Microplastic Pollution Design Thinking Challenge

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