Meet the JASON Team!

President & CEO

Dr. Eleanor Smalley

Dr. Smalley has overseen the evolution of JASON into a nationally-acclaimed STEM education organization reaching over 5 million students and teachers each year. Prior, Dr. Smalley served for 30 years in public schools, developing innovative, accelerated learning and zero drop-out models, and at the University of Virginia, cultivating strong leadership in education from the local to the state level.

Sean Smith

Mr. Smith is an operations and technology leader with over 20 years of experience in for-profit and nonprofit environments. Previous roles include technology director with National Geographic, systems engineering consultant for several major nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial e-commerce venture co-founder, and regional systems manager for an international technology systems manufacturer.
Vice President of Implementation & Development

Dr. Matt Sieloff

Dr. Sieloff joins JASON after almost 20 years of working in high-poverty public schools. He has worked as a teacher, Supervisor for Nontraditional Education, High School Assistant Principal, and Middle School Principal. His career has been focused on designing opportunities for students to find success through experiential and project-based learning in K-12 public education to prepare students for college, career, and service opportunities upon graduation. Dr. Sieloff’s research has focused on English Learner student success and equity in education for all students.
Vice President of Curriculum Development

Debra Hill

Ms. Hill has been working for JASON Learning since July 2018 after retiring from a 27-year career in public education. As a Vice-President of Curriculum Development, her primary responsibilities include: collaborating with corporate and other non-profit partners to create STEM instructional resources that showcase the innovation and work of current STEM role models. Ms. Hill’s experience in public education as a Science Coordinator (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, TX) and educator (Texas and Arizona) has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the practices and partnerships that influence and support effective educational systems and the development of STEM-literate students, citizenry, and communities.
Senior Manager of Implementation and Partnerships

Lewis Moore

Lewis Moore has a decade of teaching high school science including biology, chemistry, advanced placement biology, dual credit biology, and dual credit environmental science. His credentials include a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Molecular Biology, M.S. in S.T.E.M. curriculum and instruction and is currently pursuing his PhD. in educational leadership. Lewis partners with the University of Houston as a LEADHouston Fellow. As a LEAD Fellow, he conducts professional developments pertaining to incorporating culturally responsive pedagogy into S.T.E.M. curriculum in multiple school districts. Lewis participated in his initial JASON Argonaut expedition in Costa Rica where he studied bees, pollinators, and climate change. He is also a Fulbright Fellow. His field experience as a Fulbright Fellow included visiting Columbia to research the country’s educational practices.
Director of Development & Grants

Jenna Davis

Ms. Davis oversees all grant, proposal, and writing efforts at JASON. Her endeavors have enabled JASON to expand its operations and impact thousands more students and educators across the country. Ms. Davis has a strong background in research and writing, with a master's degree in communication from Virginia Tech and a bachelor's degree in public relations and business. While she primarily focuses on grant writing, she also works on blog posts, press releases, donations, and e-newsletters and oversees JASON's social media accounts.
Director of STEM Education Professional Development & Implementation

Rochelle Sandrin

Ms. Sandrin creates the training materials based on the JASON curriculum and works with a national network of trainers and coaches to deliver that content directly to the classroom teachers implementing the curriculum. Ms. Sandrin has 15 years of science education experience, including 8 years leading science curriculum and instruction in the largest district in Wisconsin. Ensuring ALL students have access to high-quality science and STEM curricula and experiences from well-prepared educators drives her work at JASON Learning.
Content Developer & Project Manager

Grace Allstrom

Grace Allstrom has worked with JASON Learning since 2017 to develop engaging PreK-12 STEM curriculum content, manage production timelines and writing/development staff, and publish content on our website for our student and educator users. She has helped JASON’s online curriculum offerings grow from fewer than a dozen to over 40 collections. Her previous experiences in classroom education and asynchronous technology-mediated learning, with a focus on building and supporting communities of practice, inform the emphasis – found in all JASON content – on effective pedagogy and approaches that uplift and celebrate students, teachers, and communities.
Operations & Administration Specialist

Souad Sadiqui

Ms. Sadiqui is in charge of many of the back-end operations for JASON, including processing payments and invoices, providing customer support, supporting conference organization, managing travel booking, organizing virtual professional development training, and more.
Full Stack Developer, Sys Admin, DevOps Engineer

Paul Witschger

Mr. Witschger has developed websites for almost 20 years. He has worked at companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and GM, to small startups where he was the only employee. He loves mentoring others and helping out where he can, and strongly believes in the power of education. He is always learning new things (through standard schooling, online education platforms, and programming and scientific YouTube videos).
Administrative Assistant/Website Design

Victoria Cross

Ms. Cross joined the JASON team in June 2022. She serves as the executive assistant to Dr. Smalley, handling her correspondence, scheduling, and filling needs as they arise. She also works with the Marketing Team to develop promotional materials, has planned the 2022-2023 National ISRI Recycling contest, and is working to make public website edits and updates.
Argonaut Expedition Leader

Jude Kesl

Jude Kesl is currently the JASON Learning Argonaut Expedition Leader and Adjunct Instructor at three universities in the Milwaukee, WI, area. Jude is also a Google Certified Innovator and Education Trainer. She has worked as a science teacher, literacy and technology coach, and university instructor in Milwaukee, WI, New York City, and other cities around the country. She has also been the K-8 science teaching specialist at the Milwaukee Public Schools district level. Jude is passionate about igniting a love for learning in students and teachers. Jude helped to write JASON Project Curriculum and was the producer for two online simulations for JASON. As the JASON Argonaut Expedition Leader, Jude has taken students and teachers on over thirty JASON Learning expeditions to various locations worldwide. Jude is responsible for ensuring that all JASON Learning participants have a safe and extraordinary learning adventure.
Early Childhood Specialist, Former President of the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)

Juliana Texley

Juliana Texley has taught STEM at all levels, from early childhood to graduate school, over the last four decades. She was a Presidential Awardee, science trade book leader, editor of The Science Teacher, and president of the National Science Teaching Association. She has also served on the Boards of the National Science Foundation and the Biological Science Curriculum Study (BSCS). Mrs. Texley has authored 11 books on STEM Education and one book of fiction, and she co-led one of the first research efforts in online education and teaches both education and technology at the college level. Her original work and Ph. D are in science (environmental) education, with an emphasis on assessment.
Senior Advisor, Author, and Former State Superintendent of Ohio

Susan Zelman

Human Resources Director

Linda Blythe