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In the breathtaking landscape of Acadia National Park, Maine, the JASON Argonauts embarked on the “Climate Change: Sea to Trees” expedition to find solutions to the detrimental effects of microplastics and ocean acidification in one of America’s most stunning natural reserves.

The Argonauts immersed themselves in the heart of Acadia National Park, working on researching microplastics and their impact on the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. Collaborating with Earthwatch and esteemed scientist Dr. John Cigliano, the Argonauts dug into microplastics to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of affairs.

By tracking biodiversity and observing how organisms adapt to ocean acidification, the Argonauts played a vital role in expanding our knowledge of the intricate web of life that thrives within Acadia National Park. They not only witnessed its beauty but also witnessed firsthand the urgency to protect and preserve it. 

Their dedication and hard work on this expedition will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our understanding of climate change and the steps we must take to ensure a sustainable future for our natural wonders. Check out photos from this expedition below!

Full Argonaut team at the Bar Harbor Airport
Argonauts reflecting on their experiences in their journals at the end of a busy day.