Migration Miracle

JASON Learning would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Lorie Karnath. Lorie is an author, explorer, and lecturer. She was the 37th president of The Explorers Club and founded The Explorers Museum, a not-for-profit entity dedicated to preserving and fostering exploration and discovery.

She has written numerous books and articles on the sciences, exploration, and the arts including “The Return of the Storks”.

With access to this children’s story, students will learn about the cherished dynamic between Northern Germany’s migratory stork population and the ancient traditions of a small town. This unique telling of this mythic relationship highlights the power of harmony between people and wildlife.

Included Materials

  • Access to pdf of Dr. Lorie Karnath’s “The Return of the Storks”
  • Access to The Explorer’s Journal – a further explanation of the storks’ remarkably treacherous journey and the folklore that led to this special cultural phenomenon

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