STREAMLine Knowledge: Learning Innovative New Engagement Strategies

Having a good eye for detail is crucial to be able to succeed in both academics and in life. Whether it’s a chemist mixing together an exact formula or an artist making sure every shadow looks perfect on their canvas, details matter. This is why all young scientists need to be able to truly understand every aspect of informational text using a variety of different approaches.


This journey into early literacy focuses specifically on text features and their connection to STEM education. From the title page and table of contents all the way to the index and glossary and everything in between, strategies can be implemented that help every student succeed in all subjects.


Invite your students to dive into learning with STREAMLine Knowledge as they explore best practices for STEM literacy.

Mission 1: Pathways to Agriculture

STREAMing options will include STEAM content covering components of early literacy. This will incorporate the science of reading alongside social and emotional learning. Content will include stories and articles with video clips for each unique topic.

Target Audience: 

Grades 3 – 5

Examples of Key Concepts and Vocabulary: 

Agriculture, Point of View, Reader’s Theatre, punctuation marks, etc.

Featured Games: 

Example Game

Included Materials

Teacher support materials uniquely designed to aid STREAMLine Knowledge:

  • Helpful teaching tips with examples for responses to writing prompts from the cross-curricular section
  • Hands-on science activities and experiments
  • Foundations for writing including strategies
  • Social-emotional learning opportunities through story-based curriculum

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