Next Breath: Pathways to a Clearer, Cleaner Future

Next Breath is a charity that aims to bring advances in the cleaning of air to the world’s children. The organization especially serves to help the 1.6 billion children who are at the greatest health risk due to dirty air. Led by Lorie Karnath, founding editor of Molecular Frontiers Journal, and Xaviere Masson founder of the World Frontiers Forum, Next Breath is collaborating with other nonprofit and for-profit organizations to provide educational tools as well as to bring simple and accessible non-therapeutic means of cleaner air to the kids who need them most. 

Through JASON Learning, students can explore the education resources and research provided by the Next Breath Organization, as well as have access to the recordings of groundbreaking presentations of the November 2021 Global Conference in St. Prex/Lausanne, Switzerland.  

Target Audience:

Grades 6-12

Examples of Key Concepts and Vocabulary:

Air hygiene, poverty, pollution, Covid-19, environmental health, climate, particulates, respiratory system, molecular biology, and physiology.

Learn more about Next Breath’s yearly conferences:

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