Feeling Fear with The Bug Chicks: Social Emotional Learning

Humans aren’t the only animals that respond to challenges in their environments.

Watch students enter the intricate and surprising world of arthropods! These animals use unique adaptations to confuse predators, attract mates, and defend territories. Humans do a lot of the same things — but misunderstandings are everywhere, and communicating and appreciating differences can be difficult. The Bug Chicks teach the scientific concepts of entomology while guiding students through the novel experience of asking: What can we learn about ourselves and others from bugs?

Join entomologists and professional educators Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker (aka The Bug Chicks) to meet some incredible arthropods, learn how other animals deal with Feeling Fear, and helps students discover how to engage with and transform their own feelings. By the end of this lesson, you will see yourself, other people, and the world in a less fearful, more compassionate light while learning about the science of entomology.

Target Audience:

Grades 6-12

Examples of Key Vocabulary/Concepts:

Arthropod, behavior, chemoreceptor, crypsis, adaptations, fight or flight, habitat, host, pheromone, predator, prey, vasodilator

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