Keeping You in the Comfort Zone

This curriculum is the result of public/private collaboration between Doddridge County Schools in W.V., City Wide Construction, and JASON Learning.

Mission: Keeping You in the Comfort Zone

How do you feel right now — are you too cold, too warm, or perfectly comfortable? If you’re indoors, the HVAC system is responsible for your comfort, or lack thereof. When HVAC isn’t working well, it can cause discomfort or even danger. Learn about the physical science, material design, and functionality of HVAC systems, and help people in your community harness the power of HVAC to keep everyone in the comfort zone.

Introduction - Survival Zone

In our homes today, we take for granted the ability to easily control the temperature and humidity levels. Our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are largely out of sight and taken for granted. We only become aware of them when they don’t work! Our ancestors were also concerned with HVAC systems, but they had limited options available to them before electricity was readily available. The videos, articles, and activities in the Introduction will give you a greater appreciation for the creative HVAC systems that various cultures have incorporated into historical homes and buildings across the globe.

Lesson 1 - HVAC: In the Flow

In Lesson 1, you will develop a basic understanding of how HVAC systems manage the properties of air that influence our comfort level: temperature, humidity, dew point and speed. You’ll also be introduced to the major parts of an HVAC system and how they facilitate the movement of air and energy in buildings. Let’s get started with Lesson 1: In The Flow!

Lesson 2 - HVAC: Getting Connected

Students will meet HVAC STEM Role Models from City Wide Construction, listen to the story of their educational and vocational paths, and see what challenges and opportunities they face at work.

Challenge: Keeping You in the Comfort Zone

What’s the indoor environment that makes you feel comfy and cozy at home? What’s your ideal temperature or humidity level? Is air quality a concern for a family member? What strategies do you use to keep your home in your ideal Comfort Zone? Do your strategies change with the seasons or depend upon the climate you live in? Your team will research the answers to these questions and use your knowledge and skills to complete the community service challenge “Keeping You in the Comfort Zone”.

Beau Henderson - President, City Construction

STEM Role Model

Beau Henderson, CEO of City Construction Company a general contractor based in West Virginia, shares information and insights about construction related careers and how their work positively impact communities.

About City Construction

Currently, City Construction Company is one of the largest general contractors in North Central West Virginia. We’re very proud of our outstanding record of quality workmanship and service. During these five decades span we’ve built a solid reputation and superior record of successful projects. City Construction Company is the first company in the United States to build a school in Pendleton County using Cross Laminated Timbers (CLT). We also were one of the first companies to use Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to construct the Chapel at Concord University.