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Gas-powered vehicles release harmful greenhouse gases. As a result, more and more people are buying electric vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. More electric vehicles mean there is a need for more electric vehicle charging stations. This is an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. In this Design & Pitch Challenge, you will design a company that offers charging stations for electric vehicles.


The number of people who own electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. This could be great for the environment. Gas-powered vehicles emit harmful gases that contribute to global warming and rely on a resource that we could soon run out of. Electric vehicles are often called “zero emission” because they do not emit any harmful gases while running. Getting more people to buy electric cars instead of gas-powered cars could go a long way toward slowing climate change.

But electric cars are not perfect. First, if the electricity comes from coal-burning power plants, then electric vehicles are still responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Second, electric vehicles are less convenient than gas-powered vehicles. You can drive farther in a gas-powered vehicle before needing to refuel, and there are a lot more gas stations than electricity stations.

If you can make it cleaner and more convenient for people to drive electric vehicles, then you might be able to help the environment and make some money along the way. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Your challenge is to design a company that makes it easier for customers to charge their electric vehicles. Your company should:

  1. Offer a convenient way for drivers to charge their electric vehicles.
  2. Help customers feel comfortable driving longer distances in their electric vehicles.
  3. Meet the charging needs of as many electric vehicle owners as possible.
  4. Offer charging prices that are competitive with refueling prices at gas stations.
  5. Have a clear plan for making enough money to keep the business running.

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