Technical Brief

Not everything will be included in your pitch. Use this document to explain your process and describe your solution in detail.

Now that you have analyzed a problem, proposed and refined a solution, and developed a pitch for your idea, you will create a technical brief describing your product and the process you used to find a solution.

Part 1. Briefly describe your solution and how it solves the problem or challenge you identified.

Part 2. Describe the mathematics, science, and engineering you researched to design your product. Include links to websites or other resources you used.

Part 3. Describe the decisions you made to choose your design and the challenges you had to overcome.

Part 4: How did developing your Article - Key Business Proposition and related Article - Key Business Proposition affect your process?

Part 5. Your final solution probably looked different from your original idea. Describe the process for how you developed your idea from start to finish.

Part 6. How well do you think your solution will work under real-world conditions?

Just a little Somewhat Fairly Well Almost Completely

Explain your reasoning.

Part 7. Fully describe your Keep It Real solution based on the questions below.

  1. What does your app do?
    1. Describe what your app does and how it helps users stop phubbing.
    2. Describe your target customers and why they will want to use your app.
  2. How does your app collect data on a user’s phubbing?
    1. Describe the data your app will collect.
    2. Explain what these data tell you about a user’s phubbing and why you chose them.
    3. Describe, in detail, how your app will collect these data.
  3. How does your app present data to users?
    1. Create a sample of data representation that will be presented to users.
    2. Explain what this representation shows users about their phubbing.
    3. Explain what this representation hides from users about their phubbing. 
  4. How will your data representation help users learn to manage their phubbing?
    1. Create a sample data representation for a user who is phubbing less over time.
    2. Describe how your app and data representation will help users keep track of whether they are getting better at managing their phubbing.

Click here for a printable version of this document: Article - Technical Brief