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Tectonic Fury | $500

Unlock Earth’s mysteries by understanding its geologic processes in four highly engaging missions!

Aldrin Foundation Space Explorers | $500

An annual subscription loaded with features

JASON’s full library of standards-aligned, STEM curriculum units and multimedia resources

Our powerful digital platform that can act as its own learning management system or integrate with popular third-party systems such as Google Classroom

Connections with real scientists and engineers through our live Q&A events

Full day of virtual training for parents, teachers, and/or tutors associated with your learning environment

Ability to enroll and provide individual accounts for up to 30 students

The STEM Solution offers a lot of features that really help the students to connect. So first they have the scientists, and the kids will watch the videos and they see the scientists doing their work. And then the scientists give a little background like, ‘When I was a kid, I was kind of doing this and I was doing that,’ and the kids are sitting there thinking, ‘I do that. I’m just like that scientist!’ And they make that connection through the videos and the lessons, but they’re not too intimidating. You can take them piece by piece. And then there’s this fun activity that goes with it.

KRISTEL FLESBERGScience Teacher / Elmwood, WI

What I love about the STEM Solution is that it’s online, so it’s easier for me to look at instead of having to look at past worksheets from other teachers. But also it’s just really authentic. It’s definitely 21st Century, what we want the kids to do: critical thinking. It’s not just worksheets, define these words, this is what this is. It’s really thinking critically and having them struggle, and I feel like that’s what they need. They need to struggle because that’s where you get the good ideas.

RAQUEL VELASQUEScience Teacher / Fairfax, VA

Benefit from a partnership with JASON

Proven STEM Curriculum

Access to rigorous, standards-based, classroom-proven STEM curriculum that teach required concepts and skills in an engaging and exciting way

Career Awareness

Develop STEM career awareness and interest

Role Models

Connect with inspiring STEM role models

Digital Resources

Combine hands-on activities and digital resources

Project Based Learning

Easily incorporate best-practice teaching models such as project based learning


Great for remote or in-person instruction, as well as hybrid models

Educator Approved

Designed by educators for educators

Standards Aligned

Standards search tool ensures you are meeting the requirements by grade level and specific strands for your state

Professional Development

Full day of virtual training enables educators to get up to speed quickly and take full advantage of the power of JASON's technology and approach to STEM teaching and learning


Works great as a replacement for school-provided curriculum (homeschool environments) or as a supplement (learning pods)

Give students the power to solve real-world problems today.

Explore our virtual library of standards-aligned STEM curricula.

STEM vs. Disease

Engineering Workspace

Geology: Tectonic Fury

Ecology: Resilient Planet

With JASON Learning, remote doesn’t have to mean ‘removed.’

Students work with real-world scientists and role-models to solve problems from anywhere.

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