Recycling is Essential

Presented by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning

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Recycling Education is Essential
for our Children

Recycling is an essential practice, it’s as much about preserving the economy as it is the environment. In order to ensure that sustainable recycling practices are effective in the future, it is important to educate our youth on the importance of the recycling.

Most students learn that you should recycle paper and plastic water bottles — and oftentimes that’s the extent of their recycling education. However, recycling is much bigger than just the curbside blue bin. In order to expand youth education, ISRI and Jason Learning have partner to develop a school curriculum that assist teachers and students to understand both the importance of recycling and the recycling industry.

STEM education among youth fosters ingenuity and creativity within students, and is essential as a means to better understand the recycling world. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all play critical roles in the recycling process. Students with these educational backgrounds will develop into tomorrow’s workers. The next generation of workers will be responsible for continuing the innovation of the industry, designing products for recycling, and developing processes to handle new items in the recycling stream.

This partnership presents a unique curriculum to not only spread the recycling message to youth, but also to inspire America’s students to think about careers in the scrap and recycling industry, and give them the scientific and technical background that such jobs require. ISRI provides educators with a guide to recycling that includes lesson plans, hands-on activities, and interactive web-based experiences, all focused on the importance of recycling and the scrap industry.

Throughout this experience, students will:

-Acquire a deep, practical understanding of what recycling is and the important role that the scrap industry plays in building an economically and environmentally friendly future.
-Gain insights into life cycle for each commodity.
-Engage in community activities that enhance their understanding of the environmental benefits of recycling.
-Build teamwork, and problem-solving skills through a series of interactive lessons.

Allied Alloys Sponsors Local High School

JASON Learning proudly announces that Allied Alloys has become the first company to provide STEM Education from JASON Learning and ISRI to a local high school – Worthing High School in Houston, Texas. This sponsorship gives students and teachers access to the curriculum and an active voice with ISRI and JASON throughout the year. Allied Alloys will connect with the teachers and students to share ideas, build sustainable relationships and be an active voice for recycling in their community.

Allied Alloys is a full-service metal recycling and metals management company, head-quartered in Houston, Texas.

Recycling: ISRI Activities Collection

Unlock the STEM secrets of recycling at a global scale with these activities and resources! ISRI – the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries – and JASON Learning are proud to partner to help students and educators understand the importance of recycling and the recycling industry, as well learn key STEM topics related to recycling with rich, standards-based, multimedia curricular experiences for students in grades K–12.

Calling all youth!

Participate in a national recycling video and poster contest sponsored by the ISRI and JASON Learning!


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Recycling is Essential

About ISRI

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) represents companies and chapters that process, broker, and consume scrap commodities, including metals, paper, plastics, glass, rubber, electronics, and textiles. As the voice of the recycling industry, ISRI recognizes the critical role that our nation’s hard-working recycling professionals play, and uses networking, advocacy, and education to further improve the recycling initiatives around the world. ISRI, with the help of Jason Learning, created a curriculum that focuses on teaching child-friendly strategies to help K-12 students recognize when and how to recycle, and encourage them to participate in other environmentally friendly practices.