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Celebrate the 2022-2023 Back to School season with 50% off the world’s most extensive library of standards-aligned curricula that members can access from anywhere!

JASON Learning’s award-winning STEM Program for a classroom is HALF off for the first time ever!

Want to support an educator you love? Are you an educator looking for something new to bring into the school year? Purchase access to JASON Learning for an ENTIRE YEAR for a full classroom at 50% off!  

Each comprehensive JASON Learning curriculum features print and digital materials, hands-on activities, videos, and online games for students, as well as lesson plans, implementation tips, professional development, and a powerful digital platform for educators. We like to refer to JASON as the “Netflix” of STEM. Our digital library is user-friendly, and users can customize their experience by integrating as many of our standards-aligned materials as they would like!

Our mission is to inspire and educate students everywhere through real science and exploration. Our forward-thinking design ensures that each and every discrete curriculum component—every article, video, hands-on lab, and online game comprising the multimedia curricular experience—is aligned with state and national standards. 

While learning STEM through real-world examples, JASON introduces students to diverse role models and exciting career pathways. Live, interactive events throughout the year connect the JASON students and educators with inspirational STEM role models, including renowned scientists and other experts who have pursued STEM careers.

We aim for every student to feel they can be a “science person” or a “math person” by fostering a STEM-positive attitude throughout our material. We are raising the next generation of leaders, scientists, engineers, college professors, healthcare professionals, electricians, and so much more. Students must be enticed by STEM subjects, not intimidated by them. 

To bring JASON Learning into your classroom for a year, click the button below to learn more about the 50% sale! Hurry, limited spots are available, and the deal will end in October!

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