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Learn how Rhode Island career role models working in defense, cybersecurity, and undersea technology are tackling big challenges in STEAM to put our state at the leading edge in innovation—and how you can too!

Meet the Innovation Generation Career Role Models

Christina Cosgrove

Chief of Staff, Rhode Island Cybersecurity Advisor, State of Rhode Island

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Marcos Sastré-Cordova, Ph.D

Sr. Principal Systems Engineer, Raytheon IDS

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Sally Sutherland-Pietrzak

Science & Technology Division Head, NUWC Newport

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Michael Carmack

Cyber Security Analyst, Rite-Solutions, Inc.

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Johan Calderon

IT Specialist, Rhode Island Army National Guard

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Innovation Generation is Growing the Rhode Island Defense Sector Through High-Impact, Career-Focused K-12 Programming

These lessons and activities have been developed by JASON Learning in partnership with the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance (SENEDIA) through a Real Jobs RI grant. You will explore some of the fastest-growing, most exciting STEAM areas and careers. Along the way, you will meet career role models in these fields, learn about their work, and discover the paths they have taken to get where they are today. Ultimately, you will dig into the big questions, challenges, and opportunities in these fields and use your STEAM skills and knowledge to imagine and test solutions that could make a real difference!

Lesson 1: Safety and Security in the Cyber World

What is cybersecurity? Who needs it? And, how can we provide it? And why? Jump into this emerging field and learn about the people and innovations leading the way in Rhode Island. Explore the danger of social engineering attacks. Learn what they are, how to spot them, and how to help yourself and others avoid them!

Lesson 2: Sounding out the Ocean

How can you find your way in complete darkness? How do you do your job in the ocean environment? Learn about underwater acoustics: the science of sound. See how Rhode Island is leading the way in the exploration of our oceans using a special set of tools and technologies. As you learn about underwater acoustics you will find many answers and a lot more questions!

Lesson 3: Exploring the Ocean

How can we work in the parts of the ocean that are just unreachable or way too dangerous for human beings? Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs) help us do risky jobs in much safer and less environmentally disruptive ways. See how Rhode Islanders are using them to map the sea floor, find shipwrecks, study animal behavior, and keep us safe. Learn the science that could help you to one day drive a UUV!

This curriculum made possible through a Real Jobs Rhode Island grant in partnership with the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance

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