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Getting started with JASON

JASON Orientation - Let’s Get Started!

K-12, All Audiences

Educators participate in an orientation to JASON, including JASON’s philosophy, curricula, and available resources. Educators will learn how to access standard alignments and identify the curriculum collections best suited for their needs. This includes tips and strategies for onboarding students and navigating the JASON platform. Best for educators getting started with JASON for the very first time. Content and Grade agnostic.

JASON Navigation

This seminar is designed for educators who have attended a JASON orientation or have used JASON before. This seminar will develop deeper comfort and skill level at finding resources best suited for specific grade bands. Educators will become more familiar with JASON’s various curriculum models (from our storylining approach to 5E), teacher resources, and lesson plans, and will explore and share implementation strategies with peers.

Modules Offered: Grades K-12 (General Audience) | Grades K-2 (STEM/Science) | Grades 3-5 (STEM/Science) | Grades 6-8 (STEM/Science) | Grades 9-12 (STEM/Science) | Grades 6-12 (Math)

Build your blended learning program

Starting Off Right for Remote & Hybrid Classrooms

K-12, All Audiences

Relationships matter. Staying connected is even more challenging in a remote setting. Absent strong teacher-student and student-student relationships, your program is destined to underperform. With this 90-minute seminar, your teachers will master practical solutions to build a connected classroom, starting on Day #1.

Virtual Team Building

K-12, All Audiences

Remote doesn’t have to mean removed. This interactive session features a series of interactive activities and strategies designed to keep students engaged in the learning process and with each other. Empower your teachers to create a sense of community, wherever learning happens this school year.

Collaborative Approaches for Remote Learning

K-12, All Audiences

Remote learning doesn’t mean students can’t work together. This seminar helps teachers develop ideas for collaboration and teamwork in remote or hybrid learning environments. Explore ways to share data, facilitate collaborative projects and provide feedback, while leveraging the latest classroom technologies, from Google Classroom to Flipgrid to padlet, and more.

Designing for Resilience

K-12, All Audiences

Whether in-classroom, hybrid, or fully remote, educators will need tools and strategies to provide students with the education they deserve under circumstances that demand flexibility and innovation. This workshop focuses on designing meaningful learning experiences for students leveraging JASON resources that work well remotely or in-person to ensure learning continues uninterrupted. Educators will explore guiding principles of effective remote lesson design taking into consideration student needs and ability, student choice, equity, and accessibility.

Supporting Student Discourse for Remote Learning

K-12, All Audiences

Student voice matters, especially now. This seminar explores strategies to support student discourse in remote or hybrid learning environments. Master new ways to elicit student ideas, support ongoing changes in student thinking, and facilitate classroom conversation in a remote setting

Perfect your blended learning program

Building Virtual Classroom Culture & Norms K-12

Explore strategies to build a classroom culture and connect to learners in a remote or hybrid environment. Trainers will guide discussions and learning experiences created to engage participants in planning norms and expectations for facilitating effective online communities. Educators will design their own remote classroom norms as an asynchronous component.

Leveraging JASON for Remote Learning — Designing for the Hybrid Classroom

Educators will explore guiding principles of effective remote lesson design taking into consideration student ability, student choice, equity, and accessibility. In the Academy Workshop, participants design a lesson for use in hybrid and remote learning models and earn a digital badge upon completion.

Featured modules: Grades 6-8 (Science) | Grades 9-12 (Science) | Grades 6-8 (Math)

STEM curriculum & seminar
training options

Internet for All

9-12, Science, Math, CTE

Rural communities are developing and implementing plans to provide broadband internet access to ALL citizens. Learn the science behind broadband access, leverage math skills to identify community needs and equip your students to develop and implement a plan to support first-time users. (This curriculum is part of a public/private collaboration between Doddridge County Schools in W.V., Citynet and JASON Learning.)

You Are the Next Space Explorer!

6-8, Earth Science/Social Studies

The Aldrin Family Foundation and JASON Learning partner to provide educators with exciting activities, articles, and videos that will connect students with the history, science, and future of space exploration.

Universal Constants

9-12, Physical Science/Math Connections

Big changes in the way we define the units that make up the International System of Units (SI) are helping answer questions about the smallest and largest phenomena in the universe. In JASON Learning’s new curriculum, participants say goodbye to the last artifact — aka, the kilogram — and hello to the exciting field of metrology.

JASON STEM Training Favorites

General Science

Homemade Tools for the STEM Trade

K-8, General Science

Survey the collection of JASON Learning’s homemade tools that support STEM learning in the classroom and in the home. The materials needed to make the tools are as simple as are the instructions. Learn how students can use these tools to plan and carry out investigations.

Design Like an Entrepreneur

4-12, General Science/CTE/Engineering

JASON’s Design & Pitch collection challenges students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset when solving real-world problems and to develop their 21st century skills. Through “Flashy Fashion”, participants will sample parts of the Design & Pitch cycle while designing a customizable piece of clothing that harnesses the power of LED lighting, and then pitching it “Shark Tank” style.

In the Field — On and Offline with JASON

4-12, General Science

Get students out “into the field”, whether on school grounds or in the backyard, by engaging in science and engineering practices, and developing 21st-century competencies. Get kids doing “real science” in remote or in-class settings and leverage the online environment for collaborating, sharing, and analyzing group data.

The Air We Breathe

6-12, General Science

STEM role model Dr. Shadle studies the emissions of pollutants from coal plants around the world. By analyzing recent data, participants will generate questions about the effect of the COVID virus pandemic on these pollutants. How does a nation-wide lock down affect the quality of the air we breathe?

Life Science/Technology

Living Wonders of the Sea

3-5, Life Science/Technology

Come along as we dive down into our Immersion Learning Adventure Series. Explore the living wonders of the sea and how technology has furthered our understanding of them. Lessons and resources further student understanding of the relationship between structure and function and the methods of famous explorers like Dr. Robert Ballard.

Exploring Inner-space

3-5, Life Science/Technology

Survey the technologies involved in exploring the ocean floor. Participants will simulate methods of ocean exploration including SONAR, photomosaics, and underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Let’s take a deep dive and explore!

Cybersecurity — Don’t Get Hacked!

4-12, All audiences/CTE

Safety and security are critical areas that all students should be exploring to become digitally literate, especially now. What is cybersecurity? How can we stay safe in the cyber world? Learn more about the dangers of social engineering attacks, what they are, and how students can learn to spot and avoid them.

Physical Science

Frequency & Pitch: Up Close with Audacity

4-12, Physical Science

Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software used in JASON’s World of Waves curriculum. Educators will learn to leverage this software with JASON’s lessons to help students explore patterns and relationships between frequency and pitch, and visualize parts of a wave. (Note: Audacity does not work on Chromebooks, but methods for creating assets on other devices using Audacity for use in a chromebook setting are addressed.)

Blast Off!

6-12, Physical Science/Algebra connections

Discover how a simple film canister can be leveraged to support students’ understanding of the essential practices of science and engineering, as well as key algebra concepts and skills like lines of best fit to make predictions. This session highlights the interdisciplinary connections between math and science. Fuel up your rocket today — and get ready to Blast Off!

Earth Science

Climate: A Systems Model

6-8, Earth Science

Understanding Climate Change requires that students have a conceptual working model of how climate works in general. Build a systems model of climate in this session, showing causal relationships between the components that impact climate, and predicting the impact of climate modifiers such as mountains and ocean currents on a region.

Recycling Activities Collection

K-12, Environmental/Interdisciplinary

Explore JASON’s Institute of Scrap Recycling (ISRI) lessons to discover ways to excite and motivate students, both in the traditional classroom and remotely, to reduce, reuse, and recycle in the spirit of conserving resources and reducing our human impact.


Awakening the ‘M’ in STEM

6-12, Physical Science/Math

Discover new opportunities for students to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts and engage in math practices through JASON’s interdisciplinary curricula. Explore how the “M” in STEM (math) is integrated into JASON’s STEM curricula. Whether you are a STEM teacher or a Math teacher, this session will show you how to inspire students to use math in school and life.

An Amusing Approach to Algebra

6-12, Math

Algebra is a difficult subject for which to provide contextual experiences for students. This can make it difficult for students to understand. Explore the context-based experiences provided by ARGO Integrated Algebra, including a quest designed around planning and proposing an amusement park to investors.

ARGOMath — Geometry

6-12, Math

Become a student and jump into some context-based activities provided in the ARGO Geometry curriculum. Use slope-intercept form to describe the path of a running back. Create a formula to determine the cost of a flooring job. Use the context of building a Tiny House to teach the skills of perimeter, area, and volume.

JASON Academy Programs

JASON Academy Programs include our Best Practices in Remote Teaching & Learning and JASON’s Discovery Series outlined below.

All programs available as a two-hour overview workshop or as a six-hour program with leveled badging. Contact to learn more information about these programs and micro-credentialing opportunities.

JASON’s Discovery Series

Discover JASON’s award-winning programs and resources built around real-world scientists engaged in real-world scientific problems and phenomena.

These workshops lead educators deeper into JASON content while equipping participants with tools, strategies, and methods for best practices in implementation.

Workshops raise teacher effectiveness and comfort levels around inquiry and three-dimensional teaching and learning strategies; technology integration; differentiated instruction; and blended learning techniques.

JASON for Early Elementary

JASON for K-3

Immersion for Early Childhood
Guide Community for STEM Early Childhood
Recycling Activities Collection

JASON for K-3

Immersion for Early Childhood
Guide Community for STEM Early Childhood
Recycling Activities Collection

JASON for Grades 4-12

Earth Science

Earth Science Sampler
Earth Science: Geology
Earth Science: Weather & Extreme Events
Earth Science: Climate & Climate Change
Earth Science: Space Exploration & Astronomy
Earth Science: Natural Resources, Hazards, and Human Activity

Life Science

Life Science Sampler
Life Science: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, & Dynamics
Life Science: Human Biology – Disease (Grades 6-12)

Physical Science

Physical Science: Matter & Energy
Physical Science Sampler
Physical Science: Waves
Physical Science: Forces & Motion
Physical Science: Energy


ARGO Math – Grade 5
ARGO Math – Grades 6-8
ARGO Algebra (MS, HS)
ARGO Geometry (MS, HS)
Math-Problem Based Learning Challenges
Math Literacy Across the JASON Curriculum
Universal Constants: The Science & Math of Measurement

Engineering Design

The Engineering of Recycling
Entrepreneurial Challenges: Design & Pitch Activities
Design Thinking & Community-Based Challenges
Problem Based Learning Challenges


Immersion Adventure Series
PBL Across the JASON Curricula
Recycling Activities Collection
Finding the “A” in STEAM Across the JASON Curricula
Reading & Writing Literacy Across the JASON Curricula
Social Studies Across the JASON Curricula

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