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STREAMLine Knowledge includes curriculum for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

JASON’s STREAMLine Knowledge provides elementary educators with content through a variety of different formats including stories and videos. They are developed in partnership with Streamline Knowledge.

Meet Mr. Christopher Herman!

Mr. Christopher Herman received his master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has been a professional educator for the past decade. He was named his school’s Teacher of the Year and New American Hero while teaching for Charter Schools USA. He has created professional development for teachers and writes educational articles for parents. Mr. Herman recently created Streamline Knowledge, a website for Early Childhood educational content.

STREAMing Options

Each level includes suggestions for teachers and tutors, along with guidance for your students.

All levels are intended to be taught in sequence starting from the very beginning. They include:

STREAMing options will include STEAM content covering components of early literacy. This will incorporate the science of reading alongside social and emotional learning. Content will include stories and articles with video clips for each unique topic.

  • Hands-on  science activities and experiments. 
  • Foundations for writing including prompts and strategies. 
  • Social-emotional learning opportunities through story-based curriculum.

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Level 1: From the Farm to the Plate: Pathways to Agriculture

There is nothing better than a delicious homemade meal! The science of food is a fascinating subject for students to explore based around a variety of learning opportunities.  Through stories and informational text, cross-curricular academic immersion allows students to deepen their knowledge about healthy eating habits.  They will also learn about different professions within the agricultural industry.

Target Audience:

Grades K-3

Examples of Key Vocabulary/Concepts:

Soil, planting, garden, vegetables, fruit, farming, dairy, grain, agriculture, environment, groceries, restaurant, community

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