Designing to Make a Difference

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Civil engineers serve and transform their communities, creating structures that will improve quality of life and facilitate access to important locations and resources.

Step into the shoes of engineers and architects, and discover how we all depend on good engineering.

Mission: Design to Make a Difference

Civil Engineers have played a critical role in the development of communities across history. In this mission, students explore different areas of civil engineering and are introduced to some of the strategies and information engineers use to guide their project development, construction and resilience. This curriculum is the result of public/private collaboration between Doddridge County Schools in W.V., Triple H Enterprises and JASON Learning. 

Triple H Enterprises

Introduction - The History of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering has been a vital field of knowledge for millennia, enabling people to change their physical surroundings to help them survive and thrive. Uncover the positive historical impact of civil engineering advancements on large-scale societies and small communities.

Lesson 1: Civil Engineering Supports Communities

Civil engineers respond to community needs by providing the designs and infrastructure for structural improvements, developing technology tools, and responding to challenges in the environment.

Lesson 2: From Design to Dedication

In Lesson 2, students connect with civil engineering STEM Role Models where they will hear about their Role Model’s education and career path, as well as current challenges and opportunities they face at work.


Challenge: Design to Make a Difference

Individuals and communities face major challenges today in regards to infrastructure needs. Civil engineers collaborate with community leaders and businesses to design solutions that address infrastructure elements located outside of a building. Civil engineering issues include elements such as utilities infrastructure, roadways, sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, and recreation facilities, to name a few. But what happens if you as a citizen or community organization have a civil engineering need but don’t know where to start? In this Challenge “Designing to Make a Difference”, your team will identify a need in the community, provide a design that addresses that need and build a model based on your design.

Derek Webb, VP & Owner of TripleH Enterprises

STEM Role Model

 Students get to learn about civil engineering from Derek Webb, VP & Owner of TripleH Enterprises, a civil engineering company located in West Virginia.

About Triple H Enterprises

At Triple H Enterprises, we strive for excellence! Our company name, Triple H stands for High standards, High quality, and High performance. Started in 2008, Triple H has performed numerous different contracting jobs including pipeline consulting, engineering, routing, and surveying, well pad engineering and surveying, well plats, boundary surveys, county road upgrade projects, NACE certified painting, fencing, and excavating jobs for several different companies. There is no job too big and no job too small. We have performed jobs in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina (Engineering and Surveying Services in North Carolina provided by Triple H North Carolina, Inc), and South Carolina. Our mission is to provide our employees and customers with the highest amount of professionalism and quality workmanship, while creating and maintaining a long-lasting, positive relationship.