The Next Frontier

Journal Thread #3 / Prompt 2 - Constantly Innovating

Everyone measures! What careers can you imagine having in the future, and what paths could you follow?

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Title of Activity: Journal Thread #3 / Prompt 2 - Constantly Innovating

Brief Description: Students reflect on the potential of new standards to enhance innovation.

Target Grade Level: Grades 8-12

Discipline or Course: Physical Science

Estimated Time Required: One 45-minute session in combination with NIST Role Model video

Individual / Partner / Group Work: Individual

Key Vocabulary:

  • Constant
  • Innovation

Teacher Prep:

Expect students to reflect in three different ways:

  • First, students should be able to imagine three distinctly different careers or roles for themselves. They should be diverse. The answers should reflect an understanding that each of these jobs require measurement.
  • Response should show that diverse experiences and coursework contribute to success in the chosen career, no matter what the choice.
  • Finally, the response should recognize that collaboration among innovators and agencies is the best way to inspire innovation and make it succeed.

Possible Rubric

Area Novice Average Advanced
Identifying careers Response lacks 3 distinct career roles. Career roles are identified but measurement connection not specified. Career roles identified and connection to measurement specified.
Importance of academic and experiential background No clear discussion of a career path. Response lists courses or experiences but not both. Response shows the importance of both academic and diverse experiences
Role of NIST and other collaborators in success No description of role of NIST and other resources in success Description of role of NIST but no clear discussion of collaboration. Clear connection between resources, collaboration and innovation


Watch the NIST Role Models discuss innovation.

NIST Role Models - Innovation Now

Everyone measures! In this Mission, you’ve explored measurement from ancient traders to tomorrow’s astronomers and nanochemists. The values you’ve calculated aren’t limits. They are paths to new progress.

Imagine your own future in this new dimension. Place yourself in 3 possible job roles in 20 years. What would you do in each?

Then pick one of them to focus on. What paths would take you there? Use the diagram to show what education or work experiences you would need to get to that career role.

Finally, think about the resources that would help you succeed in that job. Who might you work with to innovate for a successful future? Include NIST in that resource bank.