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In K-12 schools, we’re seeing a noticeable shortage of immersive and exciting materials that effectively grab kids’ interest and make learning enjoyable. Most students find traditional textbooks and old-school memorization methods boring, which can lead to them tuning out in class. That’s why there’s a growing need for fresh resources like JASON Learning (JASON). JASON brings a spark to learning, getting learners excited, curious, and eager to dive into STEM subjects in a whole new way and apply them to their everyday lives!

JASON stands out as a versatile tool that caters to diverse educational settings. All educators—formal and informal—utilizing JASON benefit from our user-friendly interface, which facilitates easy navigation and quick access to a wealth of educational resources tailored to specific learning standards, topics, and grade levels. 

JASON’s interactive and real-world approach to STEM education makes us a valuable asset for educators and learners alike. Our comprehensive library of materials covers a wide array of subjects, from cybersecurity to environmental science to design thinking. With just a few clicks, you can easily find engaging activities, videos, and lesson plans that cater to the unique needs and interests of your students as well as curriculum requirements. This accessibility not only streamlines the lesson-planning process but also empowers educators to create enriching learning experiences that 

  • Resonate with learners across various grade levels and subject areas,
  • Align with your chosen topic, and
  • Meet educational benchmarks and curriculum requirements (if applicable).

Benefits for Schools

In traditional classrooms, the benefits of incorporating JASON are transformative. JASON turns passive listeners into active participants by infusing interactive and hands-on experiences into the curriculum through activities, labs, and challenges. Educators receive tailored in-person and virtual professional development, helping them navigate the JASON Digital Platform and learn how to implement a variety of JASON curricula. JASON is a valuable tool in the teacher’s toolbox. With JASON, educators can breathe new life into their lessons, creating an immersive learning experience that goes beyond traditional textbooks. 

Benefits for Homeschooling

Homeschooling families can easily incorporate their favorite JASON resources into their curriculum. Know that it’s okay to mix and match various resources to suit your needs! We provide individual purchasing options for a personalized and flexible learning experience. JASON’s Digital Platform offers an extensive online library and a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) for interactive learning, perfect for homeschoolers needing a centralized platform to organize, deliver, and track learning materials and progress in one place. 

Additionally, homeschool educators can engage in JASON’s virtual training sessions, available asynchronously or synchronously, to gain valuable insights into effective teaching methods, lesson delivery, and instructional strategies. Each unit includes an “educator resources” module to guide lesson delivery, complemented by an “educator view” of each resource and teacher tips integrated throughout the content for additional support. You will learn together with your child without the pressure of being an expert in every (or any) subject. 

A screenshot of JASON’s “Educator View” and teacher tips.

Benefits for Out-of-School Programs

Out-of-school clubs and programs can leverage JASON to enrich their educational offerings and engage participants in interactive and immersive STEM learning experiences. 

For instance, a summer camp focused on environmental science could incorporate JASON activities from “Wetlands: Race to Restore” to teach various concepts related to their theme. Camp counselors could utilize JASON’s resources to introduce campers to topics such as biodiversity, ecosystems, and conservation through hands-on experiments, diverse role model videos, and interactive activities. 

Furthermore, JASON’s comprehensive online library and interactive tools provide after-school organizations with a diverse range of resources to tailor activities to different age groups and learning styles. After-school staff can meet with the JASON team to create lesson plans that align with their goals as an organization. Participants can dive into STEM subjects in a fun and accessible way, fostering a love for science and discovery outside of the traditional classroom setting. 

Embracing JASON Learning means embracing a future where education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about igniting a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Whether in traditional classrooms, homeschool settings, or out-of-school programs, JASON’s versatile resources cater to the unique needs of learners, providing a pathway to academic success and a passion for discovery.