Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM

Challenge - Keep It Real


Smartphones are everywhere. They make so many things easier. We can get a ride, order a pizza, and connect with people across the world with a single tap of the screen. But what happens when smartphones get in the way of communication? In this Design & Pitch Challenge, you will design a way to help people put down their phones and connect, face-to-face.

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Setting the Stage with Your Challenge Champion


Challenge Champion Cardell Patillo explains your Challenge.

Your Challenge - Keep It Real


Read your Challenge Statement and get started!

The Challenge Context gives you more information about the background and real-world significance of the Challenge.

Tips from Your Challenge Champion


Cardell Patillo is the Executive Director of Head Start in Virginia Beach. Watch this video to learn what experts like Cardell think is important to consider to help people stop phubbing and connect face-to-face.

Helpful Resources - Keep It Real


Explore factors that can affect the success of your solution.

The Challenge Guidelines instruct you on how to complete your mission for Keep It Real.

Student Instructions - Keep It Real


Read about what it means to complete a Challenge. This document will help guide you through the process.

Technical Brief


Not everything will be included in your pitch. Use this document to explain your process and describe your solution in detail.

Technical Brief Grading Rubric - Keep It Real


Use this rubric to make sure that your solution covers all the required areas for Keep It Real.

Now that you have an idea for a solution, how do you set it up for business success?

Key Business Proposition


This resource can help you get clarity about who your customers are and how your product creates value for them.

Business Models


There are many ways to run a business. As you think about how to make money on your idea, consider these different business model options.

What solution did you come up with for Keep It Real? Get help with your pitch here.

How to Build a Pitch


Use this resource to build an engaging, persuasive pitch.

Pitch Judging


Use this sheet to judge how well you developed and delivered your solution for Keep It Real.