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Super exciting news! The JASON Learning ARGO Algebra Unit is live!

JASON Learning’s ARGO Math levels the playing field by enabling students to successfully engage with algebra learning earlier than ever. This early exposure diminishes its role as a “gatekeeper” course, allowing more equitable access to advanced STEM courses and careers over time. Our innovative program combines teacher training with high-quality, digital resources that are relatable and relevant.

Activate, Relate, Guide, and Optimize.

The “ARGO” in ARGO Math reflects the guiding principles behind the curriculum’s pedagogical design philosophy: Activate, Relate, Guide, and Optimize. The ARGO Math approach allows students to engage with more challenging mathematics concepts at an earlier age by bringing algebra to life through highly relatable, real-world examples. The Algebra Unit uses the scenario of designing and operating an amusement park in order to help students understand and utilize expressions, equations, and inequalities. Students will use applied mathematics to understand both design and logistics of the park as well as create a business plan to keep their park in running condition. 

The Algebra Unit is broken down into two Quests. In the first Quest, students learn about all the necessary components of an amusement park. They will decide what type of attractions and how many they want to include in their theme park. Secondly, they will use the skills they learn in this lesson to calculate the costs of operating the theme park and how much they will have to charge each guest in order to keep the park open and pay back investors. 

In the second Quest, students dive deeper into the details of their park. Students choose the layout, main attraction, and how they plan to market to potential guests all while learning about powers, exponents, exponential functions, polynomials, and quadratic functions. 

JASON’s approach to Algebra provides students with an opportunity to experience a subject area that is generally found to be difficult and intimidating, as something that is creative and practical. 

ARGO Math also facilitates multidisciplinary approaches and team teaching by encompassing other subjects into algebra learning contexts, which is critical to helping students become scientifically literate and empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities. JASON realizes the importance of enriched and active learning for ALL. Students need to be able to make meaningful connections between their learning in the classroom and real-world applications within their communities for learning to be deeper and more effective.

Additionally, educators need to have effective professional development that helps them better understand STEM and encourage all students regardless of their background to consider STEM pathways. Teachers can utilize ARGO Math to make students see that mathematics is more than just a school subject, but something that is intertwined through their everyday lives. 

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