Terminal Velocity: Measurement, Motion, & Forces

Investigate the dynamics of forces and motion

Connect with scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and NOAA to:

  • Investigate how an understanding of velocity, momentum, and acceleration is key to designing cars that can absorb energy during a crash and save lives
  • Explore how scientists use Newton’s three laws to land a one-ton rover safely on the surface of Mars
  • Analyze how simple and complex machines are being used to clean up a devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Mission 1: Critical Measurements – The Quest for Exactness

Host Researcher:
Dan Sawyer
Mechanical Engineer
Precision Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Understand the importance of accurate and precise measurements to help society.

Mission 2: A Universe of Motion – Motion, Velocity and Momentum

Host Researcher:
Matt Brumbelow
Mechanical Engineer
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Investigate and analyze the factors that describe motion and position.

Mission 3: Fundamental Forces – Forces and the Laws of Motion

Host Researcher:
Kobie Boykins
Staff Mechanical Engineer
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

Apply your knowledge of forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion to explore the universe around you.

Mission 4: Make It Work – Work, Power, and Machines

Host Researcher:
Lisa Jones
Research Fish Biologist

Evaluate the technological and societal applications of work, power, and machines.


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