Answers for Amalie


A young girl, Amalie, wonders about things she sees happening in her world. Students can learn along with Amalie as they read the answers to Amalie’s questions about the world and the things found living there. Help students explore curiosities and inform how they make decisions through these informative articles about nature, the human body, and the world around them.

Sometimes things might appear incomprehensible to the young mind at first, but in nature, there is always a reason behind why things act the way that they do. Science can answer most of our questions about the world, our daily activities, and our experiences. The best way to find out why something looks or behaves the way it does is to pay attention, look around, and ask questions just like Amalie does.

Recognition and Appreciation
JASON Learning thanks Lorie Karnath and the late renowned scientist Professor Gustav Born, who are the authors of the work that represents the questions and challenges posed in this collection. Gustav and Lorie developed a close friendship through their shared passion for science education, and they delighted in the novel associations children make as they look at the world and ask creative questions. Lorie and Gustav shared a belief that science was akin to a language, and that to become fluent it is best to start as soon as possible. The authors sought to take the questions that children ask seriously and answer them using scientific concepts in terms that children can understand, increasing their familiarity and enthusiasm for science from an early age.

Appropriate Age Levels:
Grades 3-8

Included Materials: 

Wonderings: Land, Water, and Sky
Through articles, students explore their curiosities about the natural world around them. From weather and outer space, to the land beneath our feet and under the sea, students examine how the natural world works.

Wonderings: My Body
In Mission 2, students have their questions about the human body answered. Help your students examine the basics of bodily functions and how our bodies grow, what they need, and how we can take care of ourselves.

Wonderings: Things I See Around Me
Mission 3 involves wonderings about other living and non-living things in the world and why they look and behave in their own characteristic manners. This Mission encompasses general topics such as colors, animal and bug behaviors, and technology.




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