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Devese Peace-Branch, a JASON National Trainer, with Dr. Juliana Texley at JASON Learning’s 2023 National Conference.



ASHBURN, VA (August 7, 2023)—JASON Learning is proud to announce that Dr. Juliana Texley has been awarded the prestigious “Trailblazer Award” in recognition of her exceptional contributions to science education and early childhood STEM. Dr. Texley’s pioneering efforts in introducing STEM into the early childhood education space have revolutionized the field and inspired countless educators and young learners.

With an illustrious career spanning four decades, Dr. Texley has made a profound impact at all levels of STEM education, from early childhood to graduate school. Her remarkable achievements include being a Presidential Awardee, a science trade book leader, the editor of The Science Teacher, and the president of the National Science Teaching Association. She has also served on the Boards of the National Science Foundation and the Biological Science Curriculum Study (BSCS).

Dr. Texley’s expertise extends beyond her impressive accolades. She has authored 11 influential books on STEM education, with a particular focus on science (environmental) education and assessment. Furthermore, Dr. Texley’s involvement in online education research and her role as a college-level educator in both education and technology further solidify her as a true leader in the field.

Dr. Texley has collaborated closely with JASON Learning, contributing her expertise in writing and developing curriculum and new content. Her most recent outstanding work with JASON revolves around early childhood STEM education. Through her dedication and innovative thinking, she has created and authored the entire Early Childhood STEM Program, comprising four modules: Ecology: STEM & Bloom, Physical Science: The Physics Fair, Earth Science: Water, Wind, and Weather, and Sense-sational STEM: Sensing Our World.

“We are thrilled to present Dr. Juliana Texley with the well-deserved ‘Trailblazer Award’ for her remarkable contributions to science education and her groundbreaking efforts in advancing early childhood STEM. Her pioneering work has not only enriched the lives of countless young learners but has also inspired educators to embrace the power of STEM in formal and informal classrooms. Dr. Texley’s dedication and expertise have truly made a lasting impact on the future of STEM education.”

Dr. Eleanor Smalley, President and CEO of JASON Learning

JASON Learning’s “Trailblazer Award” recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication to advancing STEM education. Dr. Juliana Texley’s passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to early childhood STEM education make her a true trailblazer in the field.


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