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Universal Constants: A New Foundation of Measurement | NIST

The Next Frontier

How will this change in the SI affect scientists and the average person?

Journal Thread #1 / Prompt 5 - Why Does It Matter?


Step into the shoes of a researcher and consider how the opportunity to use standards based on universal constants could expand and deepen your investigations, making previous discoveries even more profound.

NIST Role Models - Innovation Now


How are scientists developing new ideas and processes, and what does innovation mean to them? The NIST Role Models explain.

Journal Thread #3 / Prompt 2 - Constantly Innovating


Everyone measures! What careers can you imagine having in the future, and what paths could you follow?

Make It! Measure It!


In this Challenge, use what you've learned about metrology to design a new measurement instrument or technique.

Quick Knowledge Check - Final Measurement


What have you learned?