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Today, we mark an incredible milestone in our journey—35 years of inspiring students, educators, and lifelong learners through the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). As we celebrate this anniversary, we reflect on our rich history and look forward to an even brighter future.

Our Origins: A Visionary Start

JASON Learning was founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert (Bob) Ballard, the renowned oceanographer and explorer best known for his historic discovery of the Titanic wreck in 1985. Driven by his passion for exploration and education, Dr. Ballard envisioned a program that would bring the thrill of discovery and the excitement of scientific research into classrooms around the world. The JASON Project was born from this vision, named after the mythological hero who sought the Golden Fleece, symbolizing the quest for knowledge and adventure.

A Journey of Innovation and Impact

Since its inception, JASON Learning has been at the forefront of STEM education, connecting students with real-world scientific research and leading experts in various fields. Our programs have evolved over the decades, incorporating cutting-edge technology, immersive experiences, and interactive curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and foster a deep understanding of the natural world.

From live expeditions and virtual field trips to hands-on activities and digital learning platforms, JASON Learning has continuously adapted to the changing educational landscape. Our commitment to providing high-quality, accessible STEM resources has empowered millions of students and educators globally, making science engaging and relevant for learners of all ages.

Where We Are Today

Today, JASON Learning stands as a testament to the enduring power of exploration and education. We continue to expand our reach, partnering with schools, districts, and organizations to bring innovative STEM programs to diverse communities. Our comprehensive curriculum spans a wide range of topics, from oceanography and space exploration to environmental science and engineering, ensuring that students are prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.

As we celebrate 35 years, we are proud of the impact we’ve made and the lives we’ve touched. Our network of JASON-trained educators and student alumni is a vibrant community dedicated to fostering a love of learning and a commitment to scientific inquiry.

Looking Ahead

The future of JASON Learning is as dynamic and promising as our past. We are excited to continue our mission of inspiring and educating the next generation of explorers and innovators. With ongoing advancements in technology and pedagogy, we are poised to reach even more learners and create transformative educational experiences that will shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey—our founders, educators, staff, students, partners, and supporters. Your passion and dedication have made JASON Learning a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for change.

To support our continued impact and help us inspire future generations, consider donating to JASON Learning: Every contribution makes a difference!

Here’s to 35 years of discovery and many more to come!

Happy Anniversary, JASON Learning!