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As the summer break approaches, parents and educators are often concerned about the learning loss that students may experience during their time off from school. Keeping students engaged in STEM learning during summer breaks can be difficult, but overall it is essential to their academic success. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help keep kids engaged in learning, one of which is JASON Learning.

JASON Learning is a great way to keep students involved with STEM learning even during summer breaks. With interactive learning experiences, high-quality educational resources, personalized learning experiences, accessibility from anywhere, and affordability, JASON Learning provides students with a comprehensive STEM learning experience that can help them succeed in school and beyond.

Here are ways that JASON can help students connected to STEM learning during summer breaks: 

  • Accessible from anywhere: JASON has its own Digital Platform, which means that students can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easy for students to stay connected to STEM learning even when they’re on vacation or away from home.
  • Use JASON resources for at-home STEM activities: Kids can conduct science experiments and technology projects at home using JASON materials and supplies readily at home. JASON’s resources include videos, interactive games, and lesson plans.  Parents, caregivers, and educators can use these resources to create fun and engaging STEM activities for their students over the summer.
  • Personalized learning experiences: JASON provides students with personalized learning experiences that are tailored to their individual needs and interests. Whether your child is a visual learner or a hands-on learner, JASON can provide them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

STEM learning is essential for kids’ education and career prospects. By participating in STEM activities over the summer, kids can develop valuable skills and have fun at the same time. So, encourage your children to explore and learn this summer with JASON Learning!