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Did you know that parents and caregivers can also use JASON Learning to stay involved with their children’s learning experience? 

Research has shown that guardian involvement in a child’s education is crucial to their academic success and truly makes a difference.

Stu­dents whose par­ents stay involved in school have bet­ter atten­dance and behav­ior, get bet­ter grades, demon­strate bet­ter social skills and adapt bet­ter to school.

Parental involve­ment also more secure­ly sets these stu­dents up to devel­op a life­long love of learn­ing, which researchers say is key to long-term success.

Annie E. Casey Foundation, “Parental Involvement in Your Child’s Education”

Here are five ways that parents and caregivers can use JASON to support their children’s STEM learning:

  1. Explore JASON Learning together: Take some time to explore the JASON Digital Platform and familiarize yourself with the resources available. The platform offers a variety of educational materials, including videos, games, lesson plans, and activities. By taking an interest in what their children are learning, parents can help their children stay motivated and engaged with STEM topics.
  2. Encourage hands-on learning: JASON provides students with a variety of hands-on learning experiences, such as activities and games that can be accessed anywhere with WiFi. Guardians can encourage their children to participate and can even help them set up the activities at home!
  3. Supplement classroom learning: Encourage your child to use JASON Learning as a supplemental resource to their regular classroom learning. The online resources can help reinforce what they are learning in school, provide additional support and enrichment, and even introduce them to new STEM topics.
  4. Participate in virtual events: JASON hosts virtual events, such as contests and competitions, that parents and students can participate in. These events provide a fun and interactive way to learn and engage with science.
  5. Attend webinars: JASON offers webinars for parents on a variety of topics related to STEM education. These webinars provide valuable information and tips on how to support your child’s learning. Parents can sign up to attend a webinar by visiting this link or contacting the Director of Professional Development, Rochelle Sandrin at

JASON Learning provides an excellent resource for parents and caregivers who want to stay involved in their child’s learning. By exploring JASON’s Digital Platform, encouraging your child to use the resources, supplementing classroom learning, attending webinars, and participating in virtual events, parents can play an active role in their child’s education and help them succeed in science and beyond.