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JASON Learning Solutions that align with allowable ESSER Funds usage include but are not limited to: 

How can ESSER Funds be used?

Fortunately, the approved uses of ESSER funds are broad and flexible. JASON Learning has the resources to tailor curricula solutions that will best meet the needs of your unique school district. 

ESSER Funds are designed to address COVID-specific circumstances such as lost instructional time and planning for future long-term closures. These uses are considerably open-ended, which allows for a wide range of customization for schools to make the best use of their funds. 

While ESSER Funds were dispersed to address specific COVID-19 circumstances, its flexible uses provide benefits outside of that allowing us to reference previous acts to help our students. For example, two allowable uses of ESSER Funds are “Any activity authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ” and “Any activity authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.”  Both of these acts encompass a myriad of solutions that JASON Learning has been able to implement in the past such as creating solutions for Title I, Title IV, and special needs funding. At JASON, we are always thinking outside of the box and creating ways to make STEM education accessible and enjoyable for all students regardless of race, ability, financial circumstance, or geographical location. We believe that STEM can be for every student.

How can ESSER Funds be used to improve STEM at my school?

Even in subdued, pre-pandemic classrooms, STEM courses can be more challenging for students compared to other subject areas. Combined with exceptional stress, inconsistent schedules, and lack of broadband internet access, staying afloat, much less excelling, in STEM courses has been an unforeseeable battle for students, parents, and teachers. ESSER Funds can be used to adapt and strengthen STEM curricula to make remote learning more effective, help make up for lost in-person instruction and help schools prepare for future closings and address other areas of concern that are causing students to fall behind. At JASON Learning, our goal is for our students to feel empowered by STEM, not intimidated by it. 

Click the button below to access our downloadable PDF which explains JASON Learning Solution Alignment to the 20 Allowable Uses of Elementary Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. 

Eleanor Smalley

Eleanor Smalley

President & CEO, JASON Learning