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Generating a Solution: Design for Recycling®

This article provides you with an overview of all the stages you will complete in the Design for Recycling® Challenge.

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Activity Title:

Designing Your Solution: Design for Recycling®


Students learn how to progress through the Design for Recycling® Challenge

Target Grade Level: 

Grades K-12*

Discipline or Course (Audience): 

open to all disciplines and grade levels.  

Time Frame: 

Introducing the Resource: 10 - 20 minutes

Using the Resource: Varying time frames throughout the challenge as students refer back to this document.

Suggested Grouping: 

Individual, Small Group, or Whole Class

Key Vocabulary:

Launch, design, research, prototype, justify, Technical Brief, pitch, iterate

Educator Prep: 

This document provides a structure for students to follow as they progress through the challenges. While this is not an activity in and of itself, you might choose to have students begin by exploring this outline. What do they notice? What do they wonder? This exploration, should you choose to do it, can be done on their own, in small groups/teams, or as a whole class. 

*Adapting the process for younger students.  

The reading level of some of the articles and activities may be beyond early elementary.  However, younger students should be made aware of the process as a way of approaching Challenges.  As you work your way through the Challenge specific guidelines will be provided in the educator section of each article or activity. 


Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! There are several parts to completing the challenge. Although these parts are presented in order, you can complete them after the other. Sometimes, you will need to go back to parts you thought were completed and change them based on your new thinking.


Start the Challenge


Build an Understanding


Design and Test


Document Your Solution


Share Your Solution