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In the rapidly evolving landscape of K-12 education, JASON Learning’s Digital Platform stands out as a unique and comprehensive solution for those looking for standards-aligned, engaging, and industry-aligned resources. 

With a host of exceptional features, industry recognition, and a commitment to STEM education, JASON Learning (JASON) offers an unparalleled experience for educators, students, and businesses alike. In this blog, we will explore five distinctive aspects of JASON’s Digital Platform and highlight the benefits of partnering with JASON for content development and hosting.

  1. Privacy and Security: JASON takes privacy seriously and has earned the prestigious iKeepSafe FERPA and COPPA Privacy badges, which demonstrate our alignment with best practice guidelines surrounding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Choosing JASON ensures a secure and privacy-focused learning environment for students.
  1. Learning Management System Support: JASON’s Digital Platform boasts support for LMS platforms commonly used in school systems, and also provides its own LMS functions for those school systems that prefer that approach. This provides educators, parents, or community leaders with a seamless and intuitive ability to find resources, create assignments, and engage students effectively. 
  1. Extensive School District Connections: JASON has established strong connections with various school districts nationwide, which provide valuable insights, support, and collaboration opportunities, ensuring that JASON’s resources align with the specific needs of schools, educators, and emerging industries such as advanced manufacturing and information technology.
  1. Widely-Used and Proven Resources: JASON’s content has been widely adopted and embraced by educators across the country. Moreover, many content developers and businesses have partnered with us to host or create learning resources to live on our platform. Our proven track record of success attests to our Digital Platform’s effectiveness in engaging students and fostering a deep understanding of STEM subjects. 
  1. Standards-Alignment Tool: JASON’s Digital Platform includes a powerful standards-alignment tool, simplifying the process of aligning curriculum with educational standards. This feature saves educators valuable time and effort, ensuring that their lessons meet the required standards while still maintaining the engaging and interactive nature of JASON’s content.

Why You Should Partner with JASON

Partnering with JASON to develop content offers businesses a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on education not only in their community but nationwide. By collaborating with JASON, organizations can contribute to the advancement of STEM education, provide school districts in their community with access to high-quality STEM resources, and gain valuable exposure to a wide network of educators and students. It also allows businesses to prepare students for future employment by exposing them to their industry and preparing them with the skills and qualifications needed to be successful in an entry-level position. 

Why Host Your Content & Resources on JASON’s Digital Platform:

For individuals and organizations who have developed their own content and resources, hosting it on JASON’s Digital Platform opens up a world of possibilities. By leveraging JASON’s extensive reach, brilliant platform, and established reputation, content developers can increase the visibility and accessibility of their resources, reaching a broader audience and making a profound impact on students’ learning experiences.

JASON Learning’s Digital Platform sets itself apart with its commitment to privacy, LMS support, school district connections, widespread adoption, standards-alignment tool, and expertise in digital STEM education. By partnering with JASON, businesses can contribute to educational advancement, while educators can amplify their content’s impact.

Please reach out to us if you’re ready to embrace the unique opportunities provided by JASON Learning’s Digital Platform and revolutionize the way we educate future generations!

Cowritten by Dr. Eleanor Smalley and Jenna Davis