CTE: Engineering Workspace: Exploring & Monitoring the Ocean


Students explore the amazing world of engineering, from the early inventions that unpin the development of modern civilizations to the leading-edge creations that are transforming our society at an accelerating pace. Watch students build their engineering skills and methods through exciting and relevant challenges that will push them to imagine, create and test.

They develop important career-ready skills, including creative thinking, problem-solving, computer modeling and design, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership and teamwork.

Engage with students as they embark on a learning journey where they encounter career-role models who apply science, math and empirical data to create, run and innovate amazing structures, machines, materials, systems and devices, and emulate the meaningful, exciting work they do through authentic, personal, hands-on activities.

Appropriate Age Levels:
Grades 8-12

Examples of Key Concepts & Vocabulary

Deep water exploration, UUV, submarine, knots, sonar, robotics, electronics, and programming.

Included Materials:

Lesson 1: Monitoring the Ocean
In this lesson, students explore how engineers monitor the ocean and explore STEM lessons that use the KitsiTM Platform and system. Students discover what lies in the ocean’s depths with unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) that allow scientists to venture into chasms, survey the seabed, and observe the hidden lives of aquatic animals.

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