Homeschool Secondary Collections | Grades 6-12


Are you a homeschool parent with multiple secondary school-age students? Here is the best value for 2-5 students – giving you access to all of our award-winning STEM content for middle and high school!  This means your students can move forward at their pace for a full year through our wide variety of STEM collections with no extra or hidden fees.  

This membership includes the following curriculum collections:

2D Design
3D Design
Animation with Wick Editor
App Development
ARGO Math: (Algebra)
ARGO Math: (Geometry)
Beyond the Water Bottle – Design Thinking Challenge (VIMS)
Building a Greater Digital Future: Data Centers
Climate: Seas of Change
Coding with Arduino
Coding with Python
Coding with Java
Coding with C++
Coding with Swift Playground
Coding with Processing
CompTIA A+: Hardware
CompTIA A+: Software
CompTIA Nework+
CompTIA Security+
Computer Music
CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – Details Make All the Difference
CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – Innovating through Digital Design
CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – Sensors are Essential
CTE: Advanced Manufacturing – SPARK
CTE: Broadband – Internet for All
CTE: Engineering – Designing to Make a Difference
CTE: Engineering Workspace: Exploring & Monitoring the Ocean
CTE: HVAC-Climate Controlled
CTE: HVAC – Keeping You in the Comfort Zone
CTE: Think Digital: Introduction to Cybersecurity
Cutting Edge
CyberSecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades 6-8)
CyberSecurity & Digital Citizenship (Grades 9-12)
Data Analysis (Grades 9-12)
Design & Pitch – Round 1 – Middle School Math
Design & Pitch – Round 2 – High School Math
Design Thinking
Environment and Technology
Film & Photography
Financial Literacy (Grade 3-8)
Financial Literacy (Grade 9-12)
Infinite Potential
Innovation Sandbox
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Blockchain
Introduction to Computers & Computer Science (Grades 6-8)
Introduction to Computers & Computer Science (Grades 9-12)
Introduction to Cryptography
Intro to Databases (coming soon!)
Introduction to Machine Learning
Introduction to Networks
ISRI Recycling Activities Collection
Living Well
Making Waves: Exploring Connections between STEM and Music
Molecular Frontiers
Monster Storms
Next Breath
Pathways to Success: Career Explorations
Public Speaking
Resilient Planet: Ecology, Biodiversity, Invasive Species
Robotics with Dash
Robotics with Lego EV3 (Mac)
Robotics with Lego EV3 (Windows)
Robotics with Lego Spike
STEM vs. Disease
STEM Ready: Seeking Sustainable Energy Solutions
Storytelling with Minecraft™
Tectonic Fury
Terminal Velocity
The Internet of Things
Trustworthy AI: Computer Vision Essentials
Universal Constants
Video Game Design with MakeCode Arcade
Web Development
Wetlands: Race to Restore
World of Waves
Young Entrepreneurs

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