Technology: Intro to App Development


Everyone has an idea for a great app, so why not learn how to turn that idea into a reality? Learn how to design your very own app prototype that you can download and use right on your phone! Learn about coding and programming, quality design, user experience, and user interface, and more as you go through the process of creating an app from the ground up.

Grades: 8-12

Modules Included: 
Module 1: Intro to App Development
Module 2: Design Thinking
Module 3:Intro to Thunkable & Creating Great Home Pages
Module 4: Content Pages & User Input
Module 5: Artistry & Multimedia
Module 6: Advanced Design
Module 7: Testing & Peer Feedback
Module 8:Incorporating Feedback
Module 9: Pitching Your App
Module 10: Course Wrap Up

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Base Product, Base + Advanced Certificate Add-On