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The Argos spent three days in Boston with MIT, IDEO, Lightmatter, AutoDesk, and Harvard!

Day 1: IDEO & Lightmatter

The Argonauts spent their morning getting their creative juices flowing with the amazing Zach Hobbs at IDEO in Cambridge. They learned all about the design process! Students and teachers were challenged to think of things in new ways!

The Argonauts spent time at District Hall meeting a group of wonderful employees from Lightmatter! The Lightmatter speakers enlightened the Argonauts on how photonics work in computer chips. This technology IS and WILL BE necessary now and in the future because it saves energy and increases data processing speeds. 

Day 2: MIT & Harvard

The student Argos participated in a design challenge, pitched their ideas to MIT staff, and got valuable feedback! Argonaut Alumni, Elaine Pham, who is now a student at MIT, spoke to the Argos about her experience as a JASON Argonaut and how that experience impacted her life and gave her the confidence to apply to MIT!

Argos visited the Harvard Astrophysics building with the wonderful Dr. Morgan MacLeod. The Argonauts heard about what the research library provides for resident researchers from Giancarlo Romeo and new fields of astronomy research.

The second stop at Harvard was at the Earth and Planetary Sciences: Visualization Research and Teaching Laboratory. Students learned what is being developed in the world of research, specifically how virtual reality helps people learn at a faster rate!

Day 3: Autodesk

On the last day, Argos visited Autodesk! They were treated to instruction on using the various FREE software packages that Autodesk provides for educators and students, as well as a tour showing them some of the 3-D printing and other material construction machines that were on site.  After those wonderful experiences, all of the students and teacher Argos had an opportunity to “pitch” their own products and ideas. 

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