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Pictured: Educators and staff from our Ohio Regional Conference at a manufacturing facility participating in training on JASON’s Advanced Manufacturing Curriculum.

Happy Manufacturing Month!

Manufacturing is one of the most in-demand industries in the country. With millions of jobs projected in the next decade, it is imperative that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure employment in this career path.

We are in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), driven by advanced technological tools like artificial intelligence (AI), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), additive (3D) manufacturing, autonomous robots, augmented reality, data analytics, nanomanufacturing, and more.

JASON is preparing students for these industries with these two unique advanced manufacturing curricula units:

CTE: Advanced Manufacturing—SPARK: Setting Pathways that Activate Real-world Knowledge. This collection was developed in partnership between JASON Learning and Portsmouth Public Schools, supported by a GO Virginia Region 5 Economic Growth and Diversification grant. Through SPARK, students will:

  • Engage with the Engineering Design Process
  • Create a conceptual Technical Data Package
  • Explore how different materials affect product outcomes and the environment

CTE: Advanced Manufacturing—Building a Future-Ready Workforce. JASON Learning, in partnership with the Ohio Valley Employment Resource (OVER), have collaborated to create the curriculum models and provide local career exploration experiences for students in Appalachian Ohio. This was supported by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. Through Building a Future-Ready Workforce, students will

  • Investigate new technologies,
  • Explore the ways they impact daily life, and
  • Discover the jobs and career paths that utilize these technologies in their community.

The field of Advanced Manufacturing is at the center of innovation, providing exciting career opportunities in designing, building, and maintaining the devices and infrastructure that support our ever-changing world.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our advanced manufacturing units for your classroom!