CTE: HVAC – Keeping You in the Comfort Zone


In our homes today, we take for granted the ability to easily control the temperature and humidity levels. Our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are largely out of sight and taken for granted. We only become aware of them when they don’t work!

While being introduced to a variety of HVAC related careers and career pathways, students use a variety of interactive media to learn about human’s perception of thermal comfort and the STEM knowledge that guides the creation and operation of HVAC systems. Watch students learn about the physical science, material design, and functionality of HVAC systems, and complete a challenge help people in their communities harness the power of HVAC to keep everyone in the comfort zone.

Example of Key Vocabulary & Concepts:
HVAC, ventilation,  conduction, convection, radiation, circuits, duct work, fluid dynamics, OSHA guidelines, climate, vents, blowers, and thermostats.

Appropriate Age Levels:
Grades 8-12

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