Early Childhood Ecology – STEM and Bloom


There is no concept as relevant to a young child as growth. “How tall am I?” “What can I do when I am one year older?” “How big is my footprint in the mud?” The magic of change is always present in their lives. There is no STEM topic that could be more fascinating than the growth of living things around them.

Gardening is the ultimate interdisciplinary experience. It brings together art and science, math and literature, bounty and beauty. Gardeners young and old . . get ready to grow with STEM and Bloom!

Content Overview

Introduction – STEM and Bloom Guidance for Guides

Here you will find plenty of helpful resources to get you started and guide you through STEM & Bloom.



Lesson 1 – Just the Right Space

How much space do you need? How about a tiny animal or plant? Let’s look at the places that living things call home.



Lesson 2 – Drop by Drop

Water, water, everywhere! Explore the properties of water and how they affect living things.











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