Early Childhood Physical Science – The Physics Fair


Many people perceive physics as difficult. Yet, it is the most basic and natural of the sciences. It is all around us. Observations can lead to predictions; generalizations to deep understanding. 

Young learners explore forces, pushes and pulls while planning or imagining a “Physics Fair” – an event where all are welcome and can enjoy the fun and excitement of games, rides and playground features! Through hands-on experiences, literature and math connections, and interactive picture plays, young learners begin to make sense of the physical world around them.

Content Overview

Introduction – The Physics Fair Guidance for Guides

Here are the supporting materials to get you ready for The Physics Fair!



Lesson 1 – Rainbow Science

Can you believe your eyes? Find out how white light can be divided into the colors of the rainbow.



Lesson 2 – Falling for Newton

Why do things fall down? Do heavy things fall faster than light things? Investigate to learn about the pushes and pulls in your environment.









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